From Iosco County News-Herald:

Jesse Kelley, a government affairs specialist at The R Street Institute, said the package would grant a “second chance at a life free from the collateral consequences associated with a criminal history record.”

“Nearly nine in 10 employers, four in five landlords, and three in five colleges now using background checks, any record — no matter how old or minor — can put employment, housing, education, and other basics permanently out of reach,” Kelley told The Center Square. “In fact, research from the University of Michigan finds that people are 11% more likely to be employed and are earning 22% higher wages one year after a record has been cleared.” 

“With the most expansive Clean Slate record-clearing bill in the country already signed into law, the introduction of this expansion demonstrates that state lawmakers are committed to improving lives, to providing second chances, and to ensuring they continue to remain a leader on this important issue,” Kelley said.

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