Cited in the John Locke Foundation:

Lindsay Marchello quotes Nick Zaiac, a policy fellow at the R Street Institute in his statement that the criminal penalties may be too much:

“The bill already has a solution to that problem,” Zaiac said. “There’s no reason to add a criminal element to it. The criminal element makes this bill feel like an overreaction.” 

Fraud, impersonation, and assault are already illegal, Zaiac said.

Marchello points out that, while the bill does add additional safety measures, ride-share programs already have many safety features:

The ride-share apps let riders see what the driver looks like, the make and model car, and the license plate number before the car arrives. Some ride-sharing apps let a rider share a trip with their family and friends.

“Ride-sharing companies are already solving the problem,” Zaiac said. “The one thing they aren’t doing right now is requiring drivers to have a front-facing license plate.”

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