From California Globe:

C. Jarrett Dieterle and Steven Greenhut of the R Street Institute addressed the exemption issue in a recent editorial titled, Crony carve-outs in California independent-contractor fight:

“In the aftermath of a far-reaching California Supreme Court decision regarding worker classification, state lawmakers are poised to fail one of the most basic tests of good governance: the equal application of the law. Instead of fixing a ruling that threatens the gig economy as well as many, more established industries, the Legislature is working on carve-outs for politically connected industries. This is the wrong approach.”

State labor representatives have also started hedging, claiming that “conversations” are needed about exemptions for hand-picked industries. Gonzalez-Fletcher has openly acknowledged that lawmakers are “meeting with countless industries” about carve outs and that “[e]verybody is lobbying for an exemption.” This type of government by exemption gives credence to critics who suspect that the legislation is a union-backed effort to quash competition.

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