From OneNewsNow:

“It’s almost a literal explanation of the nanny state,” responds Steven Greenhut, a longtime California journalist now with the R Street Institute.

“The nanny government will tell us our most minor choices in life,” he adds, “as if as parents we can’t decide what drinks to give our kids or not.”


A columnist for The San Diego Union-Tribune complained about some media outlets claiming legislators have approved an outright ban on sodas, and Greenhut acknowledges that the State of California is permitting parents to purchase a soda in addition to the children’s meal.

“At least for now,” he stresses. “But this whole idea that the legislature, which hasn’t dealt with any of the myriad problems going on in the state, is spending its time with this kind of nonsense just tells you pretty much all you need to know about it.”

Greenhut, himself a former columnist for the Union-Tribune, says those ongoing problems include overregulating home construction, crumbling state infrastructure, and a “massive” pension crisis for public employees, among others.

“Brown is a smart guy. He knows what those issues are,” Greenhut tells OneNewsNow. “The legislators probably know what they are, too, and just don’t want to deal with it.”


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