From Taxpayers Protection Alliance:

The App Security Project – a project of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance Foundation – hosted a cybersecurity panel, entitled The Tricks and Treats of Cybersecurity. The App Security Project’s Executive Director, Patrick Hedger, moderated the panel with featured guests, Lt. General (Ret.) Keith Kellogg, former National Security Advisor to Vice President Pence; Shane Tews, Non-Resident Senior Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute; and Brandon Pugh, Resident Senior Fellow with R Street Institute…

The panel also focused heavily on the impact current legislative and regulatory proposals would have on American cybersecurity, especially as it relates to app marketplaces. Pugh expressed great concern with a number of them. “My concerns with current legislation [are] that it negatively impacts cybersecurity and the myriad alternatives that we should be pursuing instead.”

Watch the discussion by clicking on the link below:

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