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Ernest Csiszar, former director of insurance in South Carolina and former president of the NAIC, was most open to such changes being made in the case of a renewal: “While I’m in favor of renewing TRIA for an extended period of time, I also think we can take steps to make it more market-friendly.

“First, I suggest we take a look at that $100 million trigger – I think it can be set much higher than it is,” Csiszar said. “I would caution that there are still some modeling problems with this, I would caution that here are still problems with the data, but I would take a close look at that trigger.”

When asked directly what he could recommend as a new trigger, Csiszar pointed to industry loss warranty triggers of $10, $15, $20 billion, of which $20 is the most popular, saying that somewhere in that range would be effective.

He was also the first to suggest the government charging for TRIA in a way that’s comparable to the National Flood Insurance Program, in an attempt to pool funds, effectively setting aside billions for potential terrorism losses.

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