From the Toronto Star:

This month, Washington Post writer Jonathan Coppage made a statement that surprised no one: “Kids are living with their parents longer.” But Coppage took this idea one step further into territory few are willing to go.

“It’s a good thing” that adult kids are living with parents longer, he argues. Kids and parents can pool their resources, and mark life’s milestones together. Not only is it a good thing, he writes: “it’s downright natural.” Why? “Historical data suggests that the wholly independent nuclear-family household may be the aberration — that patterns of close familial support are the more natural arrangement.”

In other words, it’s totally normal and historically unremarkable to live with your parents and the notion that it’s abnormal — that you’re a loser if you aren’t out of the house by age 30 and in possession of a furnished property of your own — is actually what’s atypical: before World War II, Coppage explains, multi-generational living was the way things were done.

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