Policy Studies


Enhancing Security and Integrity Through Rethinking Election Funding
Ryan Williamson


Elections cost American taxpayers approximately $2 billion per year—a figure that may grow to $5 billion in the near future. This total may seem eye-popping, but there are…

Patent Eligibility And Diagnostic Testing
Charles Duan

Medical diagnostics have been squarely in the eye of the hurricane in debates over patent eligibility law. After the Supreme Court’s decision in Mayo Collaborative Service v….

Leveraging Prosecutorial Power to Safely Reduce Jail Populations: A SWOT Analysis
Lisel Petis

Executive Summary
Prosecutors hold tremendous power to fill and empty jail cells. As administrators of justice, they have a duty to use this power effectively to uphold justice for victims, the…

Helping Health Care Providers Become Harm Reduction Advocates
Stacey McKenna

Executive Summary

In recent years—in an effort to stem the rising death toll related to the nationwide opioid epidemic—local, state and federal governments have sought to expand harm…

Opportunities for Competitive Policy Mechanisms to Improve Carbon Dioxide Removal
Philip Rossetti

Advances in carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technology are generating new debate around the role of government in their adoption. To date, public policy mechanisms like grants and tax…

The Policy Landscape of Overdose Prevention Centers in the United States
Chelsea Boyd

Executive Summary

The United States is in the midst of an overdose crisis. One promising harm reduction intervention that could prevent overdoses and curb the crisis is overdose prevention centers…

When Arrest Isn’t Best: Creating A Culture of Police-Led, Pre-Arrest Diversion
Christi Smith


Across the nation, jails and prisons are primarily occupied by individuals experiencing mental health conditions, substance-related issues and housing and employment instability. The…

Administrative Patent Challenges and Drug Prices
Charles Duan


Patents figure prominently in the policy conversation over skyrocketing drug prices and the increasing unaffordability of American health care. Commentators have raised questions…

The Fight to Increase Life Expectancy for HIV-Positive People Who Smoke
Pritika C. Kumar & Damon Jacobs

Smoking is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide.

Smoking rates among those living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) are…

How Juvenile Justice “Deflection” Programs Reduce Crime and Save Money
Marc Hyden & Steven Greenhut

During periods of surging crime or intense public concern about crime, politicians ramp up their tough-on-crime rhetoric—often focusing their ire on young offenders whom they depict…

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