Policy Studies


Congress and Foreign Affairs: Reasserting the Power of First Branch
Casey Burgat & James Wallner & Anthony Marcum & Kevin Kosar

Article I of the U.S. Constitution assigns Congress many significant authorities over foreign policy. The legislature may “regulate commerce with foreign nations,” and “define and punish…

Agricultural Policy for the 21ST Century
Clark Packard

The current farm safety net is full of misaligned incentives that are costly for taxpayers and lead to overproduction, which damages the environment while hurting our ability to open foreign markets…

How a checklist could improve prosecution
Lars Trautman

A prosecutor decision checklist would operate at two levels. First, it would force line prosecutors to pause briefly in the administration of justice and consider each decision in the context of…

USPS Capacity for Vote by Mail
Nick Zaiac

While vote by mail will be new to many, and USPS is a far from a perfect institution, the agency has proven capable of reliably moving government documents for decades. Accordingly, there is little…

Youth Probation in the Time of COVID-19
Nila Bala & Emily Mooney
[C]oncerns about contagion have already required a substantial shift from normal probation protocols and will continue to do so as we prepare for a possible new wave of cases in the fall. However,…

Postal Real Estate
Nick Zaiac

To carry out this mission, USPS operates approximately 31,000 post offices as well as a network of production and distribution centers and facilities to house postal management.1 This represents a…

The Conservative Case for Expanded Access to Absentee Ballots
Kevin Kosar & Marc Hyden & Steven Greenhut

Expanded access to absentee voting comports with conservative principles, which helps explain why a number of conservative state policymakers have advanced proposals to achieve it.
Press release:…

Resisting Protectionism in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
Clark Packard & Bill Watson

Over the last several years, hawkish politicians in the United States have argued that we are too dependent for a number of important products on adversarial  countries like China. Since the…

The Case for Clean Slate in Louisiana
Nila Bala

Louisiana currently has an opportunity to pass Second Chance policies, which will be more important than ever in a post-pandemic world.
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Press release: Why Clean Slate…

Of Monopolies and Monocultures: The Intersection of Patents and National Security
Charles Duan


It was certainly an odd thing for the Department of Justice attorney arguing for the United States to appear before the Ninth Circuit to tell the appellate judges that a federal…