Policy Studies


Carbon Markets in Agriculture: A Market-Based Conservation Solution
Caroline Kitchens

Voluntary carbon markets in agriculture are indeed at a crucial tipping point. Policymakers have a role to play in bringing greater validity to the markets, which will ensure that this momentum is…

A Child’s Right to Counsel: Juvenile Public Defenders
Jesse Kelley

Additional support is needed for juvenile public defenders to obtain necessary resources and build expertise, as these current deficiencies are negatively impacting youth within the criminal justice…

Exploring the Differences in Tobacco Policy Between the United Kingdom and Thailand
Alec Ulasevich & Chelsea Boyd

The United Kingdom’s approach to cessation which endorses harm reduction through the use of safer alternatives to combustible cigarettes stands in contrast to the Thailand policy of banning…

Lessons for Legislators: A Guide to Allowing Pharmacist-Prescribed Birth Control
Courtney Joslin

As legislators on both sides of the aisle have looked for ways to address high healthcare costs and access to providers, they have discovered what the medical community has known for years:…

Partnership Schools: Tradition and Transition in the New York Catholic School Network
Clare Basil & Franklin Lee

As religious enterprises rooted in a rich moral tradition, it’s not surprising that Catholic schools across America have long placed a great emphasis on character education. In this…

Schools, Character and the Charassein: A Study in Student Development
Ashley Berner

The other studies in this R Street series on character education deal with a variety of institutions that explicitly put the development of student virtue at the center of their missions….

5G and Zero Trust Networks
Kathryn Waldron & Jim Baker

…the potential presence of untrustworthy or compromised equipment in global 5G networks themselves makes those networks risky in unfamiliar ways. And since people will never know exactly…

Electric Competition: The Antidote for Bad Behavior
Devin Hartman & Mike Haugh

The Illinois and Ohio utility scandals highlight the flaws of letting electric monopolies mingle in competitive markets. This is a call for state reform to isolate monopolies to distribution systems…

Huawei and National Security: Lessons for 5G
Kathryn Waldron

The presence of Huawei equipment in the global 5G supply chain presents a potential threat to American national security as, without legitimate checks on the power of the Chinese Communist Party,…

Doral College Character Education Development
Ginny Gentles

To say the least, Doral College does things differently. Consider just three points of distinction. First, it’s a high school that now offers its students a dual-enrollment status that…