Policy Studies


Do No Harm: Managing Retreat By Ending New Subsidies
R.J. Lehmann

These two recommendations offer an important step in what will be an evolving discussion of how to respond to climate change and sea-level rise. Where we can discourage flood-prone land from being…

Charter Schools Program: Federal Investment In Educational Opportunity
Virginia Gentles

The Charter Schools Program provides the nation’s K-12 education system with start-up funding for mission-driven schools that operate with more flexibility, creativity, and innovation than…

A Prosecutor’s Role Does Not Stop at Conviction
Lars Trautman

A conviction ends a prosecution but it should not foreclose future action by prosecutors. Prosecutors maintain too many vital interests in the success of defendants to abdicate a post-conviction role…

2019 Broadband Scorecard Report
Tom Struble & Jeffrey Westling

See and download the data here.

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Applications and devices that utilize broadband Internet access services are now integral parts…

The Case for a Clean Slate Bill in Connecticut
Nila Bala

In the coming legislative session, Connecticut has an opportunity to significantly change the barriers justice-involved individuals face with the passage of a ‘clean slate’ bill.
Press release:…

Texas can reclaim justice reform by addressing juvenile justice issues
Jesse Kelley

To once again lead the way and to create meaningful change in the lives of individuals affected and positive change in our communities, Texas should seriously consider implementing and funding needed…

Regulating Rail Technology
Nick Zaiac

The Commerce Clause and the judgements that enforced federal preeminence over interstate trade in goods gave us a national single market in long-distance transportation. Powerful incentives for…

How Conservatives Can Make Prosecution More Productive
Lars Trautman

Just as conservatives helped usher in smarter and fairer policies elsewhere in the justice system, they can be part of the leading edge of revisions to prosecutorial practices and culture.

Civil Society Series: Chartering in Kansas City
Michael McShane

Chartering was not just an outgrowth, but a force multiplier of the civil society.
Press release: Charter Schools Open New Paths for Success to Students in Kansas City

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Civil Society Series: Delaware Pathways
Larry Nagengast

We think of Delaware as the poster child for pathways nationally. (Delaware) put together a coalition that cut across agencies — public, pirate and nonprofit. In most states, it’s a government…