Policy Studies


The Conservative Case for Greater Birth Control Access
Courtney Joslin & C. Jarrett Dieterle

Press release: How Broader Birth Control Access Aligns with Conservative Values and Policy Agendas

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2020 Insurance Regulation Report Card
R.J. Lehmann

Welcome to the ninth edition of the R Street Institute’s Insurance Regulation Report Card, our annual examination of the state-based system of insurance regulation.

As indicated by our…

COVID-19 Inspired Alternatives to Arrest and Their Public Reception
Lars Trautman & Camille Infantolino

Press release: Too Close for Comfort (and Safety!): How the Pandemic Has Inspired Sensible Alternatives to Arrest

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Coming to a Door Near You: Alcohol Delivery in the COVID-19 New Normal
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Press Release: Knock, Knock—Who’s There? Booze Delivery During the Pandemic and Beyond

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Note: This is a corrected version of the paper originally published. Two edits…

Francis Lieber and the Scientific Study of Legislative Politics
James Wallner


If you want to stump a newly minted Ph.D. produced by one of the nation’s top political science programs in legislative studies, ask him or her about Francis Lieber. It is a safe bet…

How States Can Promote Health Care Access and Affordability While Enhancing Patient Autonomy
Courtney Joslin

Press release: States Must Expand Pharmacist Scope of Practice Laws

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Fake News, Real Policy: Combatting Fear and Misinformation in Criminal Justice
Emily Mooney & Casey Witte

Press release: Check Your Facts: Taking on Misinformation and Fear in the Criminal Justice System

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A New Conservative Approach to Immigration Enforcement
Jonathan Haggerty & Arthur Rizer

Press release: A Refreshing Take on Conservative Immigration Enforcement

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The Evidence on Illegal Immigration and Crime
Jonathan Haggerty

Press release: Ignore What You’ve Heard, Immigration Actually Improves Crime Rates

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Enabling and Benefiting from Distributed Energy Resources in Texas
Chris Villarreal

Press release: The Growth of Distributed Energy Resources in Texas

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