Policy Studies


Georgia Should Help Military Spouses Enter The Workforce
Marc Hyden & C. Jarrett Dieterle

If they are, in fact, married to a servicemember who has been transferred and have a current occupational license in good standing, then Georgia ought not prevent them from working. Rather, the state…

A New Prescription For Biologics Exclusivity In U.S. Trade Policy (Side Effects Include Lower Prices And Freer Trade)
Clark Packard & Bill Watson

Long biologic exclusivity provisions fit perfectly into the category of misguided intellectual property provisions pushed by U.S. negotiators in FTAs. Such a provision would not open markets or even…

Medical Licensing Reform Can Provide Better Access To Primary Care
Courtney Joslin

…Allowing physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists to work to the fullest extent of their expertise is a win-win for primary care providers and patients. These professionals…

Michigan’s Opportunity To Promote Second Chances
Nila Bala

Until expungements are broadly and easily available, we are unlikely to see the full potential they offer, and the Clean Slate bill package offers such an opportunity.
Press release: A Second Chance…

2019 Insurance Regulation Report Card
R.J. Lehmann

In 2019, we saw progress toward more competitive insurance markets. Residual property insurance mechanisms continued to shrink. Florida enacted landmark reform of its assignment-of-benefits system…

Bringing Hormonal Birth Control Over The Counter
Chelsea Boyd & Courtney Joslin & Carrie Wade

…it is vital to address the unnecessary, top-down regulatory hurdles women face when acquiring birth control. Doing so will not only greatly improve access but will also improve measures of health…

Civil Society Series: Grand Reforms in the Grand Canyon State: Education Savings Accounts Bring Civil Society to Life in Arizona
Andy Smarick

Arizona’s ESA program has not only catalyzed a robust civil society response in the Grand Canyon State, it has ignited an entirely new method of designing education choice programs.
Press release:…

Regulatory Restriction Of E-Vapor Products Under International Human Rights Law
Marina Foltea

The right to health is a prerogative inherent to every human being. The protection of the human right to health requires States to take into consideration this objective in the design and…

Congressional Undersight
Casey Burgat

The legislative branch simply does not have the levels of staff resources, funding or expertise to conduct effective oversight of the executive branch, including—and perhaps even especially—on…

Civil Society Series: Empowering Civil Society To Improve Juvenile Justice In Florida
Lars Trautman & Andy Smarick

Responding to scofflaws may seem like the quintessential government endeavor; the government is, after all, responsible for enforcing our laws. Yet, the civil citation experiment in Florida offers…