Policy Studies


Applying Multistakeholder Internet Governance to Online Content Management
Chris Riley

The content moderation policies of online platforms and Section 230 dominate many modern tech policy news cycles. Little wonder, since these laws and rules impose a specific balance of free…

Estimating Potential Effects of the Global Minimum Tax on Catastrophe Insurance Markets
Lars Powell


The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Made in America Tax Plan (MATP) includes two provisions that will increase the cost of insurance in the United States. First, it increases the…

The Tobacco Landscape in India: An Argument for Harm Reduction
Chelsea Boyd


Tobacco use in India is a persistent and multifaceted problem. About a third of the Indian population uses some form of tobacco. Combustible and smokeless forms of tobacco are popular…

Reframing the Crypto Wars
Kathryn Waldron & Sofia Lesmes


For the past several decades, policymakers, law enforcement, private companies, civil liberties advocates and cybersecurity specialists have been locked in a passionate yet seemingly…

Building Resilient Medical Supply Chains Through Trade Agreements
Bill Watson & Clark Packard


The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted policymakers to question whether economic globalization has left the United States overly vulnerable to foreign events and actions that could…

Prosecutorial Roles in Reducing Racial Disparities in the Justice System
Nila Bala & Casey Witte & Lars Trautman

Executive Summary

The most pressing problems facing criminal justice policymakers and practitioners are racial disparities within the criminal justice system. In many instances, the data on…

Partisan Election Review Efforts in Five States
Matt Germer & Jonathan Bydlak

This is a joint report by the Brennan Center for Justice, Protect Democracy and the R Street Institute.


More than seven months after Arizona officials certified the 2020…

Addressing NEPA-Related Infrastructure Delays
Philip Rossetti

Executive Summary

President Joseph Biden’s infrastructure negotiations with Congress have renewed interest in infrastructure investment policy proposals. Due to this interest, it is worth…

Reclaiming Congressional War Powers
Anthony Marcum


The Constitution divides war powers between Congress and the Executive Branch, but over time, the president’s war powers have expanded to the detriment of congressional…

A Legislative Guide to Safely Reducing Out-of-Home Placements for Youth
Noella Sudbury


The incarceration rate for youth is steadily declining, and so is youth crime. Over the past decade, the number of minors committing violent crimes and property offenses has dropped…

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