Policy Studies


Product Hopping: Federal and State Approaches
Charles Duan

Press release: Product Hopping and Rising Health Care Costs

Image credit: Dima Sobko

Opportunities to Reduce Taxpayer Burdens from Hurricanes and Storm-related Flooding
Philip Rossetti

Press release: It’s time to reduce taxpayer burdens from natural disasters

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Modeling the Potential Public Health Impact of E-Cigarette Legalization in Thailand
Alec Ulasevich

Press release: Thai Government Should Reexamine E-Cigarette Ban as it Pursues Goal to Reduce Smoking Rate

Image credit: Hazemmkamal

Donald Trump and the Facebook Oversight Board
Paul Rosenzweig & Chris Riley & Mary Brooks & Tatyana Bolton

Press release: Understanding Facebook’s Decision to Ban Trump

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Outcompeting Beijing: A Roadmap for Meeting China’s Commercial Challenges
Clark Packard

Press release: How to Outsmart China on Trade

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Banning Flavored E-Cigarettes Could Have Unintended Public Health Consequences
Stacey McKenna

Press release: States Continue to Try and Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes Despite Potential Unintended Public Health Consequences

Image credit: Aleksey Kurguzov

A Primer on H.R. 1, the “For the People Act of 2021”
Anthony Marcum & Jonathan Bydlak

Press release: Democrats’ H.R. 1 Offers Far More Harm than Good.

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The Front Line: A Scan of Law Enforcement-Driven Youth Diversion Programs in Maryland
Casey Witte & Emily Mooney

Press release: How to Improve Youth Diversion Programs in Maryland

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Biologics Patent Litigation: Reforms for Lowering Drug Prices
Charles Duan

Press release: How Patent Litigation Can Help Lower Drug Prices

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The Case Against Restricting Voting Access
Marc Hyden & Steven Greenhut

The United States has endured the most contentious post-election period in modern history, as former President Donald Trump challenged the results of an election that President Joe…