Policy Studies


Huawei and National Security: Lessons for 6G
Kathryn Waldron

The presence of Huawei equipment in the global 5G supply chain presents a potential threat to American national security as, without legitimate checks on the power of the Chinese Communist Party,…

Doral College Character Education Development
Ginny Gentles

To say the least, Doral College does things differently. Consider just three points of distinction. First, it’s a high school that now offers its students a dual-enrollment status that…

Ten Reforms to Spur Coronavirus Recovery
Shoshana Weissmann

From the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project:
IX. Eliminate or Reform Food and Alcohol Industry Regulation
By Shoshana Weissmann
During the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent…

Pharmacy Access to Contraception in Massachusetts
Courtney Joslin & Nicolas John


In Massachusetts, nearly one-third of women of reproductive age use short-acting hormonal contraception such as transdermal patches, birth control injections or birth control pills. The…

Building a Love for What is Noble and Lasting: Great Hearts Academies
Lindsey M. Burke

Great Hearts Academies, a 30-school network in Arizona and Texas, grounds itself in two audacious premises. First, it believes that a Great Books education— based on the intense and close…

Subsidies, Tariffs and Trade Wars: A Terrible Harvest for U.S. Agriculture
Clark Packard

Perhaps all of this damage to the American economy, and particularly the agricultural economy, might be justified if China were changing its economic model in a market-oriented way, but early…

How Technology Can Strengthen Family Connections During Incarceration
Arthur Rizer & Nila Bala

Marcus Bullock was 15 years old when he was sentenced to prison. He struggled with his time behind bars—missing his family, feeling disconnected from the outside world and losing…

In Pursuit of Excellence: Classical Education as Character Education at The University of Dallas
Clare Basil

America’s founders believed that character education should play a key role in the nation’s school system. Indeed, in drafting Massachusetts’ Constitution—one of the major models…

How Voluntary Electricity Trading Can Help Efficiency in the Southeast
Jennifer Chen

Good governance, transparency and a system that is independently operated and monitored may provide confidence for regulators, investors and participants that the market offers a fair competitive…

Net Metering and Distributed Energy Resources Policy
Chris Villarreal

Understanding adoption rates for solar and participation in NEM programs can help guide state action on when it is appropriate for an NEM program to be modified—or eliminated entirely—and on when…