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How Not to Build Pipelines
Josiah Neeley

Pipelines are in the news again, as they often are. This week a federal judge ordered the Dakota Access pipeline temporarily shut down so that a more thorough review of the pipeline’s environmental…

The Power of the Spending Tracker
Jonathan Bydlak

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Over the last few months, Congress has appropriated trillions of dollars in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid this flurry of spending, annual…

Broad coalition calls for improved oversight of COVID-19 spending
Jonathan Bydlak

When Congress comes back from its recess in a few weeks, at the top of its priority list will be a potential new round of fiscal relief. One item that’s likely to be included in any package is…

Tech Policy Update, June 2020
Charles Duan

If the coronavirus isn’t keeping us inside, the sweltering D.C. summer certainly will. Stay at home and take a read through R Street Tech, this month’s update on all things tech policy at the R…

E-Cigarettes are not the problem
Anthony Lamorena

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Hawai’i lawmakers were working to address another public health issue that has plagued the state: the high rates of youth vaping amongst Hawai’i teens….

Qualified Immunity: Lawmakers Must do what SCOTUS Declined
Jesse Kelley

Ending the practice of qualified immunity has been called for by advocates and demonstrators across the country in recent days and is a critical next step in moving towards effective policing…

Net Metering Should Remain Local Rule
Devin Hartman

In April, the New England Ratepayers Association (NERA) filed a petition challenging a bedrock FERC decision to not assert federal jurisdiction over state net metering policy. Although a legal…

Don’t Ban Today What May Have a PMTA Tomorrow
Chelsea Boyd

Tobacco retailers and manufactures are rightfully subject to significant regulatory oversight. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the primary regulatory agency for tobacco products,…

USTR Should Proceed With Caution on Digital Services Tax
Clark Packard

While attentions focused on the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and the protests following the death of George Floyd, the United States last week made a significant under-the-radar announcement. The…

New Contraceptive Toolkit Offers Clear Information During Uncertain Times
Courtney Joslin

As many doctors’ offices temporarily closed their doors and hospitals began new procedures for seeing patients during the pandemic, Americans’ options for accessing health care services became…