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Protecting Your Property from Flooding: What You Need to Know
Caroline Melear

As flooding takes hold in unusual places across the United States, including eastern Kentucky, St. Louis, and even Las Vegas, Americans are grappling with the devastating effects. Many have lost…

Tariffs Continue to Hurt American Families 
Theo Menon

People across the United States are feeling the effects of the highest inflation in 40 years. As the additional cost of gas, groceries and rent begins to weigh on families, politicians across the…

The Faulty Assumptions Behind Forcing Open the App Markets
Josh Withrow

“Too often, it is simply assumed that consumers benefit from more openness, and that shared/open platforms are the natural order of things.” — Dirk Auer
Incredibly, 2022 marks 15 years since…

Policies that Promote a Reframing of the Nation’s Sexual Health Discourse
Chelsea Boyd & Damon Jacobs

America’s puritanical roots are rarely more apparent than in the nation’s sexual health discourse. Comprehensive sexuality education is often regarded with suspicion; people living with human…

What It Would Mean to Decriminalize Sex Work
Stacey McKenna & Damon Jacobs

During the 2021-2022 legislative session, at least three states—Hawaii, Missouri and Vermont—considered bills that would decriminalize voluntary sex work. While none of those passed, the state…

Marking Up Momentum: What’s Next for the ADPPA
Brandon Pugh & Sofia Lesmes

On July 20, the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a markup for the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA). The bill was reported favorably by the committee with a 53-2 vote after an…

What China’s One Billion Person Data Leak Tells Us about Government Cybersecurity
Jeff Qiu

On June 30, an anonymous user claimed to have stolen the records of one billion Chinese citizens on a cybercrime forum. The user claimed that the database totaling 42 terabytes—the equivalent of…

An Open Letter to Public Officials: Proposed Antitrust Bills Would Harm Consumers and Undermine Innovation
Wayne Brough & Josh Withrow

We, the undersigned economic, legal, and public policy experts, write to express concern over legislative and executive branch proposals aimed at dramatically expanding government antitrust and…

Takeaways from a Congressional Trans-Atlantic Data Flows Briefing
Brandon Pugh & Sofia Lesmes

On July 12, R Street’s Cyber team, in collaboration with the House Congressional Cyber Caucus, hosted a staff briefing discussing the status and trajectory of EU-U.S. data flows—namely, on the…

Reforming the Electoral Count Act is a step in the right direction
Jonathan Bydlak & Ryan Williamson & Matt Germer

The Electoral Count Act (ECA) has been in desperate need of reform since it was enacted in 1887. It was designed to resolve the crisis of the 1876 election, in which three states submitted multiple,…

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