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Strengthening Postal Governance
Nick Zaiac

Every week, somewhere in America a local news channel runs a story about something going wrong with the mail. Long lines at the post office and stories of undelivered mail may be clichéd, but they…

Congress Should Slow Down ‘Fast Track’ for USMCA
Halie Craig

Legislation to implement President Trump’s NAFTA replacement, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), is currently hurtling through Congress at a speed often reserved for spending…

Are Auto Tariffs Dead?
Halie Craig & Clark Packard

Since 2018, President Trump has repeatedly threatened to tax foreign autos and auto parts—particularly those from Japan, the European Union and Mexico—under the tenuous pretense of “national…

Bringing Birth Control Reforms to the US
Courtney Joslin

Millions of American women have used hormonal birth control since its introduction to the market 60 years ago. Today, birth control is a staple of preventative medicine. Its safety and effectiveness…

Four Half-Measures to Stem Postal Pension Losses
Nick Zaiac

A few weeks ago, the United States Postal Service (USPS) released its annual financial report. While there were some points of hope—weakening mail revenue was covered by more parcel income—USPS…

This Thanksgiving, Consider Educating Your Neighbor in Prison
Nila Bala

This Thanksgiving, you might be headed to the movie theaters to watch a biopic of America’s favorite neighbor—Mister Rogers—starring Tom Hanks. Also worth watching, though, is Fred Roger’s…

As one state implements Raise the Age reforms, others should join in
Jesse Kelley

The first of December marks not only the beginning of the holiday season, but also the official implementation of North Carolina’s new Raise the Age law. In 2017, lawmakers raised the age of…

Can Policy Tame Postal Service Traffic Lawbreaking?
Nick Zaiac

Every day, hundreds of thousands of postal workers show up to work, pick up their arrow lock keys, get into their postal-service-owned vehicles and begin their rounds. And every day, for reasons that…

, LegBranch
Report of the Task Force Project on Congressional Reform
Kevin Kosar

From LegBranch:

The American Political Science Association, the Brookings Institution, and the R Street Institute convened top scholars of Congress to examine the state of Congress and possible…

Why Parcels Can’t Save the Postal Service
Nick Zaiac

It’s mid-November—the air has gotten colder and the leaves are dropping faster with each blustery day. The holiday shopping season has begun, moving from Veteran’s Day specials to Black Friday…