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International emission data shows United States leading on climate and developing nations increasing emissions
Philip Rossetti

Global leaders recently convened to affirm their commitments to reducing global emissions. Part and parcel to this have been political narratives from various parties that are accusing…

The insurance industry’s role in combating the climate crisis can be a win-win
Sarah Wall

The conclusion of the 26th Conference of Parties (COP26) last week in Glasgow ran the gamut of media mentions. There was the good, such as the unexpected pledge of climate cooperation between the…

Markets are the path to climate optimism 
Devin Hartman

The media climate narrative has become quite pessimistic of late: congressional action underwhelmed climate movement leaders; executive pathways look bleaker than ever; and another meeting of the…

The Case for Clean Slate in Illinois
Alan Smith & Christi Smith

Both Illinois and the nation have a strong tradition of awarding people second chances. Sometimes it takes more than the stroke of a pen to accomplish meaningful and enduring reforms. Illinois is…

Don’t Fear the CR
Nan Swift

In what is becoming an almost annual tradition, it’s unlikely that Congress will have completed its already postponed annual appropriations work by the new December 3rd deadline, making it…

Why wholesale market benefits are not always apparent in customer bills
Jennifer Chen & Devin Hartman

Independently and transparently operated regional electricity markets can reduce wholesale electricity costs by improving efficiency and cost-effectively managing variable generation from renewable…

Techlash will hurt the United States in competition with China
Clark Packard

The United States and China are on course for a decades-long geopolitical and geoeconomic competition for power and influence in the 21st century. A primary goal for both Washington and Beijing is to…

Barriers to Broadband Deployment
Jeffrey Westling

Admittedly, too often we talk about removing barriers to broadband deployment, but fail to go deeply into what those barriers actually look like. Still, government intrusion into broadband markets…

Telehealth Database
Courtney Joslin

This document is cited in our study, “An Analysis of State and Federal Telehealth Reforms During and Beyond Covid-19.”

Press Release: Treat me through the phone: A look at how COVID-19 changed…

Five Developments in ICT Supply Chain Security in October
Sofia Lesmes & Mary Brooks

Much like the mosquito population in D.C., the global supply chain shortage has stuck around for far too long. Is it too much to ask to not be eaten alive by bugs after…

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