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Capturing the COVID Booze Wave
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Nothing makes one appreciate the little things more than enduring a global pandemic. And right on cue, one of the few bright spots over an otherwise difficult 18+ months has been the wave of…

Energy Reconciliation Proves Irreconcilable
Devin Hartman

Electricity always moves at the speed of light, while congressional clean energy rhetoric and results have moved light years apart. Public spending no longer dictates the pace of the clean…

Vote Alert: Reject Tobacco Tax Provisions in the Build Back Better Act
Mazen Saleh

The R Street Institute urges all members to reject the tobacco tax provisions in the Build Back Better Act. In their current form, these provisions would undermine the United States Food and Drug…

Why are politicians so fascinated with backwards climate policy?
Philip Rossetti

By now we all should be tired of hearing that climate change is a global, collective action problem. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases disperse in the atmosphere globally, meaning the…

Congress should prioritize advancing competition, not subsidizing monopoly utilities
Chris Villarreal

As summer makes its turn into fall, the electricity industry similarly turns its attention to Washington, D.C. as Congress makes its return. With that return comes an anticipated sprint to pass a…

Hack the Plant Episode 14: AI and Critical Infrastructure
William Gray & Bryson Bort

“It’s now the rise of the term infrastructure 4.0, which is a bit off shot or a spinoff of industry 4.0 … it is understanding that the infrastructure needs special treatment or special care in…

Five Factors to Watch with Premarket Tobacco Product Application Decisions
Chelsea Boyd

Sept. 9, 2021 is a pivotal day for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and reduced-risk tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes. The FDA is expected to announce which products have received…

Five Developments in ICT Supply Chain Security in August
Mary Brooks & Sofia Lesmes

1) Black Hat keynote puts supply chain security center stage
Despite the back-and-forth over the wisdom of in-person participation, this year’s hybrid, Las Vegas-based information security/hacker…

To restore community trust, we must demilitarize our police
Christi Smith & Jillian Snider

According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the single most important factor in reducing crime is the partnership between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Public…

Understanding Negative Prices in the Texas Electricity Market
Josiah Neeley

The concept of a negative price seems paradoxical: whether it’s buying a new television or filling up your gas tank, you generally have to pay for it. Sure, it’s possible to imagine getting…

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