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Character Matters: An R Street Q&A Series on Character Education — Kaya Henderson
Andy Smarick

Kaya Henderson is the former Chancellor of Washington, D.C. Public Schools. She leads the Global Learning Lab for Community Impact at Teach For All.  

Do our public schools really need to focus…

Character Matters: An R Street Q&A Series on Character Education — Chester E. Finn, Jr.
Andy Smarick

Chester E. Finn, Jr. is a distinguished senior fellow and president emeritus of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. He is also a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. Previously, he was U.S….

FCC to regulate the cost of calls for incarcerated people
Jesse Kelley

August 6, 2020: The FCC, with a bipartisan, unanimous vote, approved the proposal to lower rates and charges for inmate calling services.

Telephone calls to and from prison and jail facilities are…

What’s Really Driving the National Debt?
Jonathan Bydlak

Last week, Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis tweeted an idea for a “fun data project:” “For every senator give them a deficit score. / What is the net deficit as scored by CBO/JCT of all the…

Character Matters: An R Street Q&A Series on Character Education
Andy Smarick

Schools help students become flourishing adults. Obviously, that includes teaching young people about history and art, how to read and write, and how to solve math problems and follow the scientific…

President Trump has now signed more spending in two years than President Obama ever did
Jonathan Bydlak

Much has been made about how much Congress has been spending recently, and rightfully so.

The CARES Act, for example, is the signature piece of legislation in response to the pandemic – and it…

Intrinsic Value and the Green Case for Individual Choice
Devin Hartman

Rarely do energy and labor regulators have much in common. This month, however, the Labor Department and state and federal energy regulators are wrestling with regulations affecting individual choice…

It Takes Two to Make a Proceeding Go Slow
Jeffrey Westling

Earlier this month, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released its congressionally-mandated study of the 3.1-3.55 GHz band, which wireless operators have long…

Cronyism in the contact lens market is tough to kill
Courtney Joslin

Regulatory reformers know that, once protectionism is embedded in regulation, it is tough to weed it out. The latest example is the resurrected debate over patient rights to contact lens prescription…

Kentucky’s About-Face on Tobacco Harm Reduction Could Prove Hazardous
Marc Hyden

When all eyes were focused on the emerging coronavirus outbreak, Kentucky lawmakers managed to raise taxes and abandon their long-held, forward-looking tax philosophy that placed a premium on harm…