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D.C.’s Flavor Ban is Rushed and Hushed
Chelsea Boyd

On Tuesday, June 15, the Council of the District of Columbia (Council) is reading a bill that would ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products. This ban would apply across the full spectrum of…

Dated AUMFs Are Overdue for Repeal
Anthony Marcum

Like many other congressional powers, Congress’s war powers have eroded over time. If Congress wants to reassert itself and restore its role as our First Branch of government, repealing dated…

Supply Side Cyber
Mary Brooks & Sofia Lesmes

Top Five Supply Chain Developments in May

The good news: Pretty much everyone agrees that the United States needs to act ASAP to secure its information and communications technology (ICT) supply…

Trade and Immigration: The Endless Frontier Act’s Missing Elements
Clark Packard

In the coming days, the U.S. Senate will almost certainly pass a large, bipartisan bill aimed at countering China’s economic practices. At its core, the bill would provide subsidies to certain…

Are threats to critical infrastructure growing?
Canyon Brimhall

First they came for our water, then our gas; now, our meat.

This Memorial Day, meat processing plants in the United States and Australia owned by JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier, were…

Energy expensing is not a subsidy
Josiah Neeley

Here at R Street, we are against energy subsidies. We don’t like subsidies for renewable energy, for fossil fuel power or nuclear power. And if someone proposed a subsidy for hamster-generated…

Hack the Plant Episode 11: Department of Defense Policy and ICS Security
Bryson Bort & William Gray

“We’re going to see despite investments, despite technology, we’re going to see some  ransomware on some of these critical infrastructure systems. And I think people are going to get hurt. Things…

Proposed federal clean slate bill will grant much needed second chances
Nila Bala

In a fitting end to “Second Chance” month and National Reentry Week, the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate introduced a federal Clean Slate bill that could impact thousands of Americans…

Biden’s Flawed Focus on Fiber
Jeffrey Westling

Earlier this year, the Biden administration announced a bold infrastructure plan designed to bridge the broadband connectivity gap, supporting additional broadband deployment to increase access…

Suing the Climate
Josiah Neeley & Philip Rossetti

Americans love lawsuits. It’s almost a national pastime. So it shouldn’t be surprising that over the last few years a number of people have decided that the best way to deal with climate change…