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Going Up in Smoke: The Unintended Consequences of E-Cigarette Restrictions
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (May 23, 2022) – A new study by R Street Institute Government Affairs Manager Sarah Wall and Harm Reduction Policy Director Mazen Saleh examines the unintended negative consequences of…

Craig Newmark Philanthropies continues support of R Street’s cybersecurity initiative: the #MakingSpace CyberBase
Ayan Islam

WASHINGTON (May 17, 2022) – Craig Newmark Philanthropies (CNP) recently announced new funding to continue support of the R Street Institute’s #MakingSpace initiative and the CyberBase. Both…

A new agenda for FERC: outlining priorities for electric transmission reform
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (May 11, 2022)—In groundbreaking new research, R Street Institute’s Jennifer Chen and Devin Hartman develop electric transmission reform priorities that would provide over a hundred…

New Study Highlights How Child Tax Credit Leaves Poor Mothers Behind
Corie Whalen

WASHINGTON (May 4, 2022) – A study released today led by Ashley Nunes, the R Street Institute’s director of competition policy, analyzes the history of the Child Tax Credit (CTC), provides…

R Street Institute Welcomes Ayan Islam as Associate Policy Director of Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats
Corie Whalen

WASHINGTON (April 27, 2021)—The R Street Institute is pleased to announce the hire of Ayan Islam as the associate policy director of Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats.
Islam was most recently a…

Sweeping, splashy “reforms” would harm SCOTUS and the Republic
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (April 27, 2022) – A new study from R Street Institute Resident Fellow Matt Germer highlights the issues with commonly proposed Supreme Court measures like term limits and court packing…

12 Energy and Resiliency Reforms for a Cleaner, Freer and Stronger Texas
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (April 25)—In a new report, R Street Institute Texas Director Josiah Neeley and Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute policy analyst Matt Patterson give a comprehensive account…

Road to Poverty: The Harms of Debt-based License Suspensions
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (April 18, 2022)—A new paper by R Street Institute senior fellow Christi Smith evaluates the wide-ranging negative impacts of debt-based driver’s license suspensions on individuals,…

Cannabis Concerns: Fact or Fiction?
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (April 13, 2022) – In a new report, R Street Institute Senior Fellow Stacey McKenna and Research Fellow Chelsea Boyd identify and analyze common arguments voiced by opponents of cannabis…

Conservative districts lead the way on pre-arrest programs
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (March 30, 2022) — A new report by R Street Institute resident senior fellow Lisel Petis explores the successful implementation of pre-arrest diversion programs in conservative…

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