Press Releases


The Grand Canyon State Makes Grand Reforms Through Education Savings Accounts
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 20, 2019) – Education and school choice have received considerable attention from the 2020 presidential candidates. Elizabeth Warren has campaigned on preventing funds from being…

R Street Institute Welcomes Mazen Saleh as the New Head of Policy Management
Ann Phelan

WASHINGTON (Nov. 19, 2019) – On Monday, the R Street Institute welcomed Mazen Saleh as its new associate vice president of policy management.

In this new role, Saleh will oversee the execution…

International Human Rights Law and E-Vapor Product Regulation
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 18, 2019) – Under several international law treaties, governments have a duty to provide citizens a right to health as a basic human right. When we consider the widespread…

R Street praises Virginia’s new flood risk standard for commonwealth-owned property
R.J. Lehmann

WASHINGTON (Nov. 15, 2019) – The R Street Institute welcomes Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s signing of Executive Order 45, which will require buildings owned by the commonwealth to have a minimum…

War Powers: A Battle for Control Among the Executive and the Legislature
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 14, 2019) – The president’s recent actions in Syria have reignited conversations about Congress’ role in foreign affairs and declarations of war. In a new policy study, R Street…

R Street Institute’s Alex Pollock Selected as Principal Deputy Director for U.S. Treasury Office of Financial Research
Ann Phelan

WASHINGTON (Nov. 13, 2019) – The R Street Institute announced today that Distinguished Senior Fellow Alex Pollock has accepted a new role within the U.S. Treasury Department as principal deputy…

How Civil Society Can Bring About Justice for Juveniles in Florida
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 13, 2019) – The criminal justice system is generally the epitome of government control, with any role for civil society usually relegated to the reentry and reintegration of…

An Eye for an Eye: Why the Georgia Legislature Should Repeal the Death Penalty
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 7, 2019) – In the last five years, only one death sentence has been handed down by a jury in Georgia. Yet alleged perpetrators can still be sentenced to death in the state, despite…

R Street Civil Society Series: Mentorship and Guidance for Youth in Ohio’s Education System
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 5, 2019) – In the first of a series of reports from the R Street Institute’s Civil Society program, Amy Cummings, a Ph.D. student at Michigan State University, examines Ohio’s…

Alternatives to Arrest: Police Officers Shouldn’t Have to be at Every Crisis
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 4, 2019) — Noncriminal responses to crises are increasingly popular at the local level, but the parameters under which these strategies operate is often set at the state level….