, Urbane Cowboys Podcast
Integralism with John Zmirak
Josiah Neeley

From Urbane Cowboys Podcast:

We discuss the hip new political philosophy of integralism with guest John Zmirak of

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, Ozarks First
Senator Josh Hawley proposes law limiting daily social media time
Jeffrey Westling

From Ozarks First:

Jeffrey Westling, with the R Street Institute, says users that want more time would have to opt-out of the limits every month.

“He is trying to come in and tell social…

, Urbane Cowboys Podcast
Hot Enough For Ya? (The Climate Science Episode)
Josiah Neeley

From The Urbane Cowboys Podcast:

We are joined by John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas State Climatologist. We talk about climate science and policy implications.

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, Vice News Tonight
We Watched The Mueller Hearings With A Member Of Ken Starr’s Team
Paul Rosenzweig

No one said it would be easy to turn a two-year investigation and 448 pages of dense legalese into riveting made-for-TV moments. But…

Fmr. FBI lawyer: ‘Mueller is not a showman’
Jim Baker

Former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker examines the media frenzy surrounding Mueller’s testimony and explains why the special council’s report provides “ample basis for an impeachment inquiry.”

Cash Bail Reform: Pros & Cons
Marc Hyden

From Let Me Tell You Why You’re Wrong:

In Episode 74, we discuss the cash bail system and the proposed reforms. Joining us this week for opposing views are Marc Hyden of R Street Institute and…

, Barstool Sports
Hard Factor 7/18: D.C. Insider and Hilarious Lady “Senator” Shoshana Weissmann Takes Our Call About Various Important Topics, Including Weed Legalization
Shoshana Weissmann

Shoshana joined Barstool’s politics podcast to talk about living in D.C., regulations, and more.

, Chicago's Morning Answer
R Street Institute’s Shoshana Weissmann talks Social Media Regulation
Shoshana Weissmann

From Chicago’s Morning Answer:

Shoshana Weissmann discusses social media regulation on Chicago’s Morning Answer.

, Newsy
Kathryn Waldron on Newsy’s The Why
Kathryn Waldron

From Newsy:

Kathryn Waldron discusses Russia and cybersecurity.