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R Street Institute’s Shoshana Weissmann talks Social Media Regulation
Shoshana Weissmann

From Chicago’s Morning Answer:

Shoshana Weissmann discusses social media regulation on Chicago’s Morning Answer.

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Kathryn Waldron on Newsy’s The Why
Kathryn Waldron

From Newsy:

Kathryn Waldron discusses Russia and cybersecurity.

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Jon Haggerty on Newsy’s The Why
Jonathan Haggerty

From Newsy:

Jon Haggerty discusses the policy implications of President Trump’s ICE raids.

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Nila Bala on Newsy’s The Why
Nila Bala

From Newsy:

Nila Bala discusses facial recognition technology and how policymakers should approach regulating it.

, Reason
The 5 Dumbest Law Restricting The Sale of Booze
C. Jarrett Dieterle

From Reason:

On July 1, Virginia’s General Assembly voted to allow bars and restaurants to advertise happy hours, which is the latest in a series of minor victories for the movement to…

, American University
SCOTUS Series: Return Mail Inc. v. United States Postal Service
Charles Duan

From American University:

Charles Duan speaks on a panel regarding whether the government is a “person” who may petition to institute review proceedings under the Leahy-Smith America…

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Economic Nationalism with Sam Hammond
Josiah Neeley

From Urbane Cowboys Podcast:

We discuss economic nationalism, national industrial policy, and regional economic disparity with Sam Hammond of the Niskanen Center.

Cohosted by Josiah Neeley…

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Are primary elections really that bad?
James Wallner

From Politics In Question:

The Electoral College has been in the news lately. But it isn’t the only thing people are talking about when it comes to how we pick our next president. Before…