, FreedomWorks
Video: Congress vs. Courts: An Article I Debate | Spotlight on Freedom
James Wallner

From FreedomWorks:

In a special Article I Coalition debate, scholars from the R Street Institute, Cato Institute, and Heritage Foundation discuss the proper role of Congress versus the role of…

Podcast: OST Full Show: USPS’ Challenges During COVID-19, Chef Lisa Donovan, Author Lara Prescott
Kevin Kosar

From GPB:

Taking stock of the U.S. Postal Service’s ability to process parcels — and ballots — amid financial struggles; renowned Southern pastry chef Lisa Donovan on her new memoir,…

, Arbitrary & Capricious
Podcast: Minutes to Midnight, or Four More Years: The Regulatory Agenda with Bridget Dooling & Philip Wallach
Philip Wallach

From Arbitrary & Capricious:

The fourth year of any presidential term is driven by a sense of urgency, and the administration’s regulatory or deregulatory agenda is no exception. President…

Radio: James Wallner on COVID’s political landscape
James Wallner

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

The R Street Institute’s James Wallner joins Boyd to discuss political and social issues related to COVID and how they will affect the legislative…

Event: Bridging the Digital Divide: How to Promote Broadband Adoption During the Pandemic and Beyond
Jeffrey Westling

With many Americans staying at home, the pandemic has highlighted the critical role that high-speed broadband plays in our lives. However, it has also shown a light on the growing disparity…

, Building Tomorrow
Podcast: Caleb Watney joins the show to talk about how the rates of innovation in the United States have slowed.
Caleb Watney

From Building Tomorrow:

Guess what’s bad for innovation? Telling the brightest minds in the world that you don’t want them to come work with you. As obvious as that should be, that’s…

, What a Curious Idea
Podcast: We Are Better Than This
Arthur Rizer

From What a Curious Idea:
Arthur is the Director of Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties with R Street Institute. His opinions and policy solutions to Police Culture, Pre-Trial Detention, Federal…

, The Pete Kaliner Show
Radio: Why do we keep paying people to rebuild in flood plains?!
R.J. Lehmann

From The Pete Kaliner Show:

Hurricane Isaias made landfall overnight in North Carolina. What better time to talk about the utterly broken National Flood Insurance Program? Plus, the shifting…

Podcast: Steven Greenhut – On the Most Unpredictable California Legislative Session in Recent Memory
Steven Greenhut

From Pacific Research Institute:

R Street Institute’s Steven Greenhut returns for his annual look at the year’s legislative session in Sacramento.  We discuss how the Legislature and Governor…

, KPRC Radio
Radio: Military Ban on Under-21 Tobacco Sales Goes Into Effect Saturday
Arthur Rizer

From KPRC Radio:

Listen to “Military Ban on Under-21 Tobacco Sales Goes Into Effect Saturday” on Spreaker.

Arthur Rizer is an Iraq war veteran and senior fellow at the R Street Institute. He…