In addition to all the work we produce that you will find on our website, we also run and partner with other groups to create a number of projects.

The hub for the congressional reform movement. It’s a transpartisan space to discuss what’s working in our national legislature, what’s not, and how we can fix it.

Secure and Competitive Markets Initiative

SCMI’s goal is to create a cohesive national strategy by bringing together experts from a variety of policy paradigms—such as economics, national security and cybersecurity, among others—to create a framework for weighing competing policy priorities against one another to achieve the right results for a safer, economically competitive America.

Making Space Initiative & CyberBase

The Making Space Initiative aims to increase representation and encourage a diversity of experts on cyber-policy related panels. It launched in October 2020 with more than 20 think tanks, universities, foundations, corporate partners and individuals. Signers of the Making Space Pledge dedicate themselves to hosting or supporting panels that represent the wide diversity of scholars and experts in the cybersecurity space––individuals who do not often receive enough public recognition for their work and its impact.

The CyberBase is an online database for Black professionals in the cybersecurity field. This resource is aimed at supporting and empowering them to help address the national security challenges of tomorrow. It is a project of the Making Space Initiative. It launched in October 2021.

ITC Policy Project

The goal of the ITC Policy Blog is to provide data and analysis that will improve debate over the International Trade Commission’s proper place in the patent system by helping people better understand the issues and questions surrounding that debate.

Spending Tracker

Members of Congress take countless votes every year, many of which add new spending. automatically aggregates the new spending contained in each bill, according to official estimates, to create each Member of Congress’s total “number” based on what they have voted for.

  • often includes Spending Tracker estimates on new legislation. Find it under “What stakeholders are saying.” Full list here.

Green Scissors

Federal spending is the true reflection of a nation’s priorities.

In 1994, the Green Scissors campaign was founded to identify and eliminate projects that are both environmentally harmful and wasteful. The center of the Green Scissors campaign is the Green Scissors database report, which outlines ways to eliminate harmful projects in agriculture, energy, infrastructure and public lands.