1. A total of 3,719 bills have been introduced in the House of Representatives, and 2,109 bills have been introduced in the Senate.
  2. Twenty-six bills have been signed into law. Nineteen of those were Democrat-sponsored bills. Who says bipartisanship is dead?
  3. House committees, subcommittees and select committees have hosted a combined total of 449 hearings. The Senate has hosted 91.
  4. Senators have been allowed to participate in only four roll call amendment votes on the Senate floor this session. Put in a historical context, the 113th and 114th senates had voted on 97 and 141 amendments, respectively, before adjourning for August recess. On the other side of the Hill, the House has roll call voted 250 amendments thus far.
  5. Members of Congress have been social this year, posting a combined total of 615,533 tweets, 673,712 Facebook status updates, 164,884 Instagram photos and 169,914 YouTube videos … not that anyone is counting!
  6. The Senate has confirmed 145 civilian nominees this Congress. There are 123 additional civilian nominees awaiting committee action.
  7. Congress’ first congressional reorganization attempt since 1993—the House’s Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress—released its first five recommendations to increase transparency.
  8. Countdown to the holidays! Upon returning in September, the House has only 41 remaining legislative days scheduled in 2019. The Senate will be in session a scheduled 53 days.

*Data pulled Friday, July 12, 2019.