, R Street Institute
Event: China and the WTO: A 20 Year Review
Clark Packard

From R Street Institute:

After intense protest and protracted negotiations, China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December of 2001….

, The Hill
Harvesting another trade war
Clark Packard

For about 70 years, the United States was the major architect and proponent of global rules-based trade. Through foresight and bipartisan persistence, the U.S. worked to lower trade barriers around…

Harvesting Another Trade War: Ad Hoc Farm Subsidies and Our WTO Commitments
Clark Packard


Beginning in the 1930s the United States led the global charge toward a rules-based trading system. The goals of this bipartisan policy were: to increase economic growth and promote…

Unstable Conditions: Trade Wars and Bailouts Hurt Farmers and Consumers Alike
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (October 18, 2021)—While the United States has historically been the leader of the global trade system, the Trump years and the economic fallout of COVID-19 have upended that consensus….

The WTO Appellate Body Deadlock and the Way Ahead
Clark Packard

From Berkeley Journal of International Law:

To overcome the impasse, the WTO should adopt the Walker Principles, which set out policies to resolve the conflicts with the AB that the US has raised.

, R Street Institute
Event: Securing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
Halie Craig & Clark Packard

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, policymakers have become increasingly concerned about the pharmaceutical supply chain—and ensuring the American public…

Building Resilient Medical Supply Chains Through Trade Agreements
Bill Watson & Clark Packard


The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted policymakers to question whether economic globalization has left the United States overly vulnerable to foreign events and actions that could…

The U.S. Must Partner with Allies to Strengthen Our Supply Chains
William Gray

Following the Biden administration’s report about supply chain vulnerabilities in the wake of COVID-19, it is critical the United States embrace market dynamics, trade agreements and international…

Reforms at the WTO: Beyond Archaic Binaries
Clark Packard

From Observer Research Foundation:

When the next round of negotiations begin, India will finally have an opportunity to raise its own issues as well. Based on the concerns of the Trump…

, Diplomatic History
Pandemic Protectionism: Revisiting the 1918 “Spanish” Flu in the Era of COVID-19
Clark Packard

From Diplomatic History:

For the sake of their sanity, best not tell them that the Trump Administration was also successfully dismantling the WTO from within, while simultaneously fighting a…

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