, U.S. News
USMCA Trade Agreement Clears Senate, Heads to Trump’s Desk
Clark Packard

From U.S. News:

“It looks and smells a lot like NAFTA,” Clark Packard, trade policy counsel at the R Street Institute, told U.S. News in an interview last month. “There were changes to automotive…

, CATO Institute
USMCA Races Across the Finish Line, but Uncertainty Remains
Halie Craig

From CATO Institute:

However, the process by which USMCA has advanced through Congress does not appear to meet TPA requirements, and as Halie Craig argues, this means USMCA should not be eligible…

, Washington Examiner
Low corporate tax rates are how we win on the global economic stage
Clark Packard

With global absolute poverty levels declining dramatically in recent decades, it is clear that globalization, the movement of people, culture, ideas, goods, services, and capital across borders, has…

Congress Should Slow Down ‘Fast Track’ for USMCA
Halie Craig

Legislation to implement President Trump’s NAFTA replacement, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), is currently hurtling through Congress at a speed often reserved for spending…

, Foreign Policy
Trump’s Real Trade War Is Being Waged on the WTO
Clark Packard

Since the beginning of 2018, the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has waged an aggressive war on the global trading system. Although much of the media coverage has focused on the ongoing…

, Inside U.S. Trade
Outside Voices: Is it too late for Trump to impose Section 232 auto tariffs?
Clark Packard

From Inside U.S. Trade:

President Trump can no longer impose tariffs on autos using Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 because a statutory deadline has lapsed, two trade analysts…

, Washington Examiner
Trump’s trade deal with China is just another farm bailout
Halie Craig

The last thing American farmers needed in 2018 was a trade war with China. Commodity prices had been falling since 2013, land values remained stagnant, and net cash income for farms was declining…

Are Auto Tariffs Dead?
Halie Craig & Clark Packard

Since 2018, President Trump has repeatedly threatened to tax foreign autos and auto parts—particularly those from Japan, the European Union and Mexico—under the tenuous pretense of “national…

, Progressive Farmer
Washington Insider: Challenges to Trade Policy Authorities
Clark Packard

From Progressive Farmer:

While courts are largely deferential to the executive on national security, a recent case involving steel tariffs on Turkey is sending a message that the president doesn’t…

, Bloomberg Law
Importers Will Plead With Courts to Nix Trump’s Tariffs
Clark Packard

From Bloomberg Law:

While courts are largely deferential to the executive on national security, a recent case involving steel tariffs on Turkey sends a message that the president doesn’t have…