Farmers and ranchers caught in the middle of Trump’s trade wars
Clark Packard

The past few years have been trying times for America’s farmers and ranchers. As President Trump’s trade war with China drags on with no end in sight, the outlook for the American agricultural…

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Trade Wars Cause More Casualties Than Winners
Clark Packard

From Hot Air:

“I don’t know what the president’s endgame is here,” R Street Institute’s Trade Policy Counsel Clark Packard emailed after being asked to crawl into the President’s…

R Street Disappointed With President’s New Round of Tariffs
Clark Packard

WASHINGTON (Aug. 1, 2019) – The R Street Institute is deeply disappointed by today’s announcement from President Donald Trump that the administration will levy new 10 percent tariffs on the…

R Street Institute Short No. 73: Retaliatory Chinese tariffs are devastating U.S. ranchers and farmers
Ann Phelan

In recent months, the United States and China have been engaged in an escalating trade war that has included retaliatory Chinese tariffs on tens of billions of U.S. exports, with particular…

U.S.-China Trade War: Farmers Caught In The Crossfire
Clark Packard

“Instead of seizing the opportunity to push forward with efforts to open up foreign markets, from trade wars and protectionist bailout schemes, the Trump administration’s policies have moved in the…

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The New U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal Can Work for Everyone
Clark Packard

With Mexico and Canada’s trade with the United States topping nearly $1.4 trillion in goods and services, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been a tremendous success.

Yet the…

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At Least 80 Workers Are Losing Their Jobs at This Pennsylvania Steel Plant. Tariffs Are To Blame.

From Reason:

“The announced layoff was an entirely predictable consequence of a failed policy,” says Clark Packard, a trade policy expert with the R Street Institute. “Tariffs are a really…

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G20 fallout: Trump gets a photo opportunity, Xi saves face, but what next?

From Inside US Trade:

But the U.S. did not give away anything lasting to China to get the meeting with Kim, he said, putting the U.S.-China talks “substantively back where we were before the May…

Despite truce, critics say Trump’s refusal to agree to China tariff deal will hurt American farmers

From KXAN:

And Clark Packard with the R Street Institute says it’s only going to get worse until the two countries reach a final deal, saying:

“If we don’t see sufficient progress in…

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Clark Packard, Christmas Cancelled: China Trade Deal Effecting Exports For Holiday Already

From The Steve Gruber Show:

Clark Packard discusses the China trade deal with Steve Gruber.