, The Ripon Society
Outcompeting China: A Roadmap for the U.S.
Clark Packard

It has become conventional wisdom around the Beltway that the United States and China are on a collision course—a new “cold war.” The new cold warriors on both sides of the aisle argue that…

, Freopp
The Growing Power of Biotech Monopolies Threatens Affordable Care
Clark Packard

From Freopp:

The U.S. has worsened the problem by making the 12-year auto-monopoly a key sticking point in its trade negotiations with the Pacific Rim and with Canada and Mexico: demanding that…

, Americans for Free Trade
Americans for Free Trade Daily Media Clips – September 2020
Clark Packard

From Americans for Free Trade:

Subsidies, Tariffs and Trade Wars: A Terrible Harvest for U.S. Agriculture (R Street Institute):
The Trump administration’s trade policies have been a disaster for…

Subsidies, Tariffs and Trade Wars: A Terrible Harvest for U.S. Agriculture
Clark Packard

Perhaps all of this damage to the American economy, and particularly the agricultural economy, might be justified if China were changing its economic model in a market-oriented way, but early…

, Driving American Jobs
R Street Institute’s Halie Craig: “New Canadian aluminum tariffs threaten to harm trade benefits”
Halie Craig

From Driving American Jobs:

One of the latest threats facing the auto industry is the decision last month to reinstate Section 232 national security tariffs on certain aluminum products from…

, The National Interest
How to Compete With China by Relying on America’s Strengths
Clark Packard

Tarriffs harm American consumers and fighting the WTO (rather than using it) also undermines America’s advantages.
With the coronavirus, China effectively annexing Hong Kong through the new national…

, The Hill
New Canadian aluminum tariffs threaten to harm trade benefits
Halie Craig

President Trump has resurrected his national security tariffs on Canadian aluminum, in spite of having removed them as a condition for passage of the renegotiated NAFTA last spring. Now, less than…

Event: Ripe for Reform: Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century
Caroline Kitchens & Jonathan Bydlak & Clark Packard

Between the outbreak of a global pandemic and aggressive trade wars, the last several years have been trying times for America’s farmers and ranchers.

In order to mitigate the damage from…

, Reason
Red-Pilled? Actually Most U.S. Drug Ingredients Are Made Here, Not in China
Clark Packard

From Reason:

The Avalere report, which looked at APIs—the building blocks of finished pharmaceutical products—comes to a similar conclusion. China is the third largest provider of APIs to the…

, Foreign Policy
Biden’s China Policy Can’t Help but Be Incoherent
Clark Packard

From Foreign Policy:

With some 70 percent of Chinese imports now subject to tariffs, there will be corporate pressure for at least a partial rollback of the trade war. And his pro-business track…