Tobacco Harm Reduction


, Reason Foundation
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From The Reason Foundation:

South Dakota’s House of Representatives voted 45-21 against raising the smoking age from 18 to 21.
Georgia’s House Committee on Ways and Means voted 5-2 to…

, Washington Examiner
The FDA’s new tobacco plan leaves much room for improvement
Carrie Wade & Joel Nitzkin

Last July marked the first anniversary of the Food and Drug Administration’s Comprehensive Tobacco Plan, intended to weaken the desire for nicotine’s most dangerous delivery device: the…

, El Universo
Los dispositivos para reducir riesgos en salud
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From El Universo:
Carrie Wade, investigadora y directora de políticas de reducción de daños del Research Street Institute de California, señaló que hoy las innovaciones tecnológicas han…

, Breazy
New Study on Vaping and Heart Attacks – a Cause for Concern?
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Cited in Breazy:
First. Consider the source: vaping science at UCSF, particularly projects led by professor Stanton Glantz, has often been called into question or outright debunked. Even this…

Harm from vaping?
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Cited in Australia Tobacco Harm Reduction Association:
Large studies have shown that daily vapers are 3-8 times more likely to quit than those not using vaping products (see here and here)….

, Insider Advantage
E-cigarette Misinformation Imperils Public Health
Marc Hyden

Misinformation regarding e-cigarettes is alarmingly ubiquitous. For example, days ago, the Saporta Report published an article discussing juveniles’ supposed rampant e-cigarette usage. Georgia…

Tobacco Funds Fill Government Coffers, Not Help People Quit
Richard B. Belzer

Cited in Heartland Institute:
A more recent analysis by The R Street Institute employed a smaller estimate, analyzing “1% of smokers [within] demographic groups switching.”

, HSB Noticias
Important and innovative proposals to reduce the risk of smoking in the world
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From HSB Noticias:

Creating differentiated warnings for e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products is the proposal that the expert Carrie Wade presented at the Concordia Summit  held in…

, CGTN America
New York hopes new ad in Mandarin will persuade Chinese men to put out their cigarettes
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From CGTN America:

Dr. Joel Nitzkin talks about anti-smoking campaigns aimed at Chinese male immigrants
CGTN’s Elaine Reyes spoke to Dr. Joel Nitzkin, tobacco policy analyst at Canada’s R…

, The American Spectator
Tobacco funds fill government coffers, not help people quit
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From The American Spectator:
A more recent analysis by The R Street Institute employed a smaller estimate, analyzing “1% of smokers [within] demographic groups switching.” In this analysis, the…