Tobacco Harm Reduction


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R Street Argues for Flavours
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From Vaping Digest:

Clive Bates is well known for his harm reduction advocacy. The former ASH UK man, who campaigned against smoking, has embraced vaping as a tobacco-harm reduction tool. He has…

In Massachusetts, banning flavored tobacco products will have negative public health and law enforcement consequences
Jesse Kelley & Carrie Wade & Jonathan Haggerty

Recently, an article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette cited
opinions in favor of prohibiting flavored tobacco and vaping products in
Massachusetts. The views expressed
by those pushing for the ban are…

Testimony In Opposition to A 47, “Prohibits the sale and distribution of flavored e-liquid which creates a distinguishable flavor or aroma for use in e-cigarettes.”
Carrie Wade

Testimony from:

Dr. Carrie Wade, R Street Institute

In Opposition to A 47, “Prohibits the sale and distribution
of flavored e-liquid which creates a distinguishable flavor or aroma for use…

Reviewed Work: “Changing Perceptions of Harm of e-Cigarette vs Cigarette Use Among Adults in 2 US National Surveys From 2012 to 2017”
Chelsea Boyd

Americans are bombarded with information about the harm and risk of e-cigarette use—much of which is confusing or conflicting. This is because the e-cigarette debate has become fractured and…

Reviewed Work: “A Randomized Trial of E-Cigarettes versus Nicotine-Replacement Therapy”
Carrie Wade

While both Public Health England and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine acknowledge that completely switching from combustible cigarettes to non-combustible products, such…

, Quartz India
India has over 100 million adult smokers, yet it wants a safer alternative banned
Carrie Wade

One would think that in a country with 100 million adult smokers, health officials would do anything to prevent the consumption of cigarettes.

Yet, India is pushing for bans and regulations…

, The American Spectator
California’s New Prohibitionists
Steven Greenhut

During a recent informational hearing in the Nevada state Senate about a proposal to significantly boost taxes on vaping products, the lawmakers who were leading the charge didn’t seem…

R Sheet on Tobacco Harm Reduction
Carrie Wade & Chelsea Boyd

Smoking combustible cigarettes causes nearly 1 in 5 deaths in the United States. Decades of abstinence-only smoking interventions have reduced smoking rates, but decreases have begun to stagnate and…

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Popcorn Lung, Formaldehyde, and Now Seizures, Oh My!
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From Townhall:

Ironically enough, lawmakers are ignoring copious amounts of research finding e-cigarettes can save states money. For instance, the R Street Institute estimated Medicaid…

Testimony In Opposition to Local Law No. “E” for 2019 – Prohibiting the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products
Carrie Wade

Chairman Joyce and members of the
Albany County Legislature:

The R Street Institute is a nonprofit,
nonpartisan public policy research organization based out of Washington,
D.C. We strive to…