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, Missoulian
Likely lawsuit isn’t main flaw with Missoula’s vaping ban
Steven Greenhut

To its credit, the Missoula City Council has taken extra steps to assure that its proposed ban on the sale of flavored-tobacco products conforms to state law, which limits the power of…

Letter to Missoula City Council on Flavored Tobacco Ban
Steven Greenhut

Dear City Council,

I am writing in regard to Missoula’s proposed ordinance, which would ban the sale of flavored-tobacco products, including most vaping products. I am the Western region…

, RealClearHealth
Anti-Science War on Vaping
Alec Ulasevich

From RealClearHealth:

Vaping bans and politicized attacks on vaping devices hurt those who want to kick the smoking habit.

, RealClearPolicy
In the Age of the Internet, State Regulation of Consumer Products is Almost Impossible
Eli Lehrer

When it suits them, nearly all politicians say they support letting states make their own decisions. Take, for example, Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who has stood for increased federal…

Local Flavor Bans Are a Bad Idea
Alec Ulasevich
Letter Regarding Resolution 1654
Alec Ulasevich

Dear Suffolk County Legislators,

The R Street Institute is a national think tank devoted to free markets and limited, effective government. We are liberty-minded and non-partisan. As an…

Thailand Should Follow the United Kingdom’s Lead: Examining Tobacco Policy Abroad
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Oct. 5, 2020)—The United Kingdom (UK) and Thailand are two countries that are often praised for their tobacco regulation. However, the way the two countries approach novel tobacco…

Exploring the Differences in Tobacco Policy Between the United Kingdom and Thailand
Alec Ulasevich & Chelsea Boyd

The United Kingdom’s approach to cessation which endorses harm reduction through the use of safer alternatives to combustible cigarettes stands in contrast to the Thailand policy of banning…

CASAA Heads Up – News – Updates 9.21.2020
Chelsea Boyd


Don’t miss the 11th Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum! Great R Street commentary on Florida flavor ban veto. Fridley, MN makes cigarettes easier to buy than safer alternatives….

Review of: Danielle L. Hoyt et al., “An investigation of racial and ethnic differences in e-cigarette beliefs and use characteristics,” Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse (2020), pp. 1-15.
Stacey McKenna

Electronic cigarettes were originally introduced onto the U.S. market in the early 2000s as a potential tool to help individuals quit smoking combustible cigarettes. In the intervening years, their…