Tobacco Harm Reduction


“Smokers with pain are more likely to report use of e-cigarettes and other nicotine products” by Jessica M. Powers et al.
Chelsea Boyd

Persistent pain is associated with a number of psychiatric diagnoses. For example, depression, anxiety and substance use disorders are common among people with persistent pain. Frustratingly, the…

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The Mental Gymnastics of Anti-Vaping Legislators
Carrie Wade

With a new round of legislative hearing looming ahead there is no doubt that vaping—and various prohibition strategies—will be at the forefront of national policymakers’ agendas in 2020….

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American Lung Association’s “Quit, Don’t Switch” Campaign a Big Mistake
Chelsea Boyd

Nearly 70 percent of smokers say they want to quit. In an effort to help them, the American Lung Association (ALA) recently launched its “Quit, Don’t Switch” campaign. The ALA “believes…

, National Review
FDA’s Vape Ban Is What Happens When People Legislate What They Don’t Understand
Carrie Wade

From National Review:

In fact, when I spoke with Carrie Wade (the director of harm-reduction policy at the R Street Institute, who also has an educational background in neuroscience and…

, Gotham Gazette
New York Lawmakers Must Consider Consequences of Banning Both Vaping Flavors and Menthol Cigarettes
Jonathan Haggerty & Jesse Kelley

The New York City Council recently voted to ban flavored e-cigarettes. Mayor Bill de Blasio will reportedly either sign the bill or let it pass into law. The City Council also considered a bill…

, Cheddar
FDA Bans Mint and Fruit Flavored Vaping Products
Carrie Wade

From Cheddar:

The FDA issued a ban on some flavored products, with the exception of tobacco and menthol. The new rule gives companies 30 days to stop the distribution of fruit and mint flavors…

, Inquirer
Regulating e-cigs better for public health – harm reduction expert
Carrie Wade

From Inquirer:

Carrie Wade, Director of Harm Reduction Policy of think tank R Street Institute, told DZIQ Radyo Inquirer in an interview that regulating e-cigarettes is a “better pathway for…

, Business World
Employment and e-cig ment
Carrie Wade

From Business World:

Dr. Carrie Wade, Director for Harm Reduction Policy, R Street Institute in Washington DC, USA, has good scientific research work on the biological mechanisms of opioid and…

International Human Rights Law and E-Vapor Product Regulation
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 18, 2019) – Under several international law treaties, governments have a duty to provide citizens a right to health as a basic human right. When we consider the widespread…

Regulatory Restriction Of E-Vapor Products Under International Human Rights Law
Marina Foltea

The right to health is a prerogative inherent to every human being. The protection of the human right to health requires States to take into consideration this objective in the design and…