DO PASS: New York S. 3625, Modernizing Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance
R.J. Lehmann

Dear Senator,

I write to encourage you to take up and pass S. 3625, sponsored by Sens. Neil Breslin, D-Albany, and James L. Seward, R-Milford. This legislation would exempt from rate and form…

Antiquated Doesn’t Mean Ineffective in the Legal Realm
Jesse Kelley & Nicolas John

Change isn’t always a good thing, and “open door” policies do not always mean better practices. In the case of the Bay State’s long-standing magistrate court system, a fitting moniker would…

, The Newport Daily News
Well-Intended state law will not stem tide of opiate deaths
Jesse Kelley

Everyone’s heart breaks for the victims of opiate overdoses and the families left behind to mourn lost loved ones. But Kristen’s Law – which would make it a felony, punishable by life in…

, Delaware Online
Telemedicine could make prisons healthier, safer, and less expensive
Nicolas John

In early 2017, a prison riot at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware turned into an ugly hostage situation that left one correctional officer dead. In the wake of this event, a close…

, Salem News
Joining the fight against teen tobacco use
Media Coverage

From Salem News:

“We view e-cigarettes and vaping products as a tool to reduce smoking,” and deaths from it, said Nicholas John of the Washington-based nonprofit think tank, R Street…

Protecting workers in New York City means protecting ride-sharing
Brian Jencunas

Ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber have improved life for drivers and riders alike. Yet the City Council wants to impose needless regulations on these services, increasing costs for consumers…

Mental health treatment programs for inmates should be expanded
Nicolas John & Jesse Kelley

An inmate in New Jersey’s Hudson County corrections facility recently committed suicide. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time an inmate has taken his own life at this facility; it’s the…

Vermont honors veteran professionals with occupational licenses
Nick Zaiac

Members of the military pick up many skills during their service that make them great employees when they re-enter private life. Many have even specialized in some field of military work like…

, Danvers Wicked Local
Danvers Board of Health passes ban on sale of flavored tobacco
Media Coverage

From Danvers Wicked Local:
But others at Thursday’s hearing, such as Nicholas John, of R-Street Institute, a public policy research agency, argued the ban would reduce the availability of…

, CommonWealth Magazine
Troubling poll in Third Congressional District
Media Coverage

From CommonWealth:
Jesse Kelley of the conservative R Street Institute hails passage of the criminal justice reform law as a turn away from the tough-on-crime philosophy in Massachusetts….