Ohio Resolution Seeks to Address Two of the Nation’s Most Pressing Drug Crises
Alan Smith

Two drug crises have fought their way to the top tier of American consciousness: prescription medication addiction and drug trafficking.

Sorting out the appropriate guiderails for the use of…

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Has Michigan Fixed Its Broken Auto Insurance System?
R.J. Lehmann

It took the threat of a ballot initiative to make it happen, but the deal no one ever thought they would see has come to fruition: Michigan’s lawmakers have passed legislation to reform the state’s…

Testimony in Support of Michigan SB 1
R.J. Lehmann

Members of the committee,

My name is R.J. Lehmann and I
direct insurance policy for the R Street Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan
public policy research organization. Our mission is to engage…

It’s Time for Missouri to Legalize Diet Advice
Shoshana Weissmann & C. Jarrett Dieterle

Year after year, Missouri scores among the worst states in America when it comes to the health of its citizens. It currently ranks as the tenth-most obese state, with nearly one-third of Missouri…

Testimony In SUPPORT of House Bills 4133-46 Raise the Age
Jesse Kelley

Chairman Filler and members of the committee:

My name is Jesse Kelley. I manage criminal justice state
policies as a government affairs specialist for the R Street Institute, a

Pharmacy Access To Contraception in Illinois
Courtney Joslin & Marc Hyden

 In 2010, 52 percent of pregnancies in Illinois were unintended. When compared to the national average—45 percent in 2011—this is high. Adopting the pharmacy access model in Illinois would…

Testimony: Contraception Access in the States
Courtney Joslin

Chairwoman and members of the committee,

My name is Courtney Joslin and I am a Commercial Freedom Fellow for the
R Street Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research

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Opinion | A conservative case for criminal record ‘Clean Slate’ in Michigan
Jesse Kelley & Arthur Rizer

There is some good news in the criminal justice world: According to a Bureau of Justice Statisticsreport, the nation’s incarceration rate is at a 20-year low. This is to be celebrated for…

Testimony on LB 149, “A BILL FOR AN ACT relating to vapor products.”
Marc Hyden

Chairman and members of the

My name is Marc Hyden, and I am
the Director of State Government Affairs for the R Street Institute, which is a
nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy…

Testimony of Jesse Kelley in support of the Michigan Youth in Prison legislative package
Jesse Kelley

September 25, 2018
To Chairman Kesto and the Members of the House Committee on Law and Justice:

My name is Jesse Kelley, and I am the State Affairs Manager for Criminal Justice for the R Street…