, The Missouri Times
Missouri Legislature considers social media censorship bills following national trend
Shoshana Weissmann

From The Missouri Times:

“Aside from legislation like this making social media websites completely unusable, they’re blatantly unconstitutional under the First Amendment,” Shoshana…

In opposition to House File 991
Alan Smith

Chairman Marquart, Vice Chair Lislegard, Republican Lead Davids and members of the House Taxes Committee, my name is Alan Smith, and I am a senior fellow and Midwest director at the R Street…

, Illinoise News Now
Iowa legislators review broadband service grants program
Jeffrey Westling

From Illinoise News Now:

Jeffrey Westling is a Technology & Innovation Policy Fellow at the Washington, D.C., R Street think tank.

“Iowa actually does a really good job because the state…

In SUPPORT of SB 506 “An Act concerning Public Utilities – Regulatory Assets -Prohibition”
Mike Haugh

Chair Kelley, Vice Chair Feldman and members of the Finance Committee. I thank you for the opportunity to testify on this important topic. My name is Mike Haugh and I am a senior fellow in energy…

In SUPPORT of SB368, A BILL FOR AN ACT to amend the Indiana code regarding criminal law and procedure.
Alan Smith

Chairman Young, Ranking Member Glick, Ranking Minority Member Tallian, and members of the Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee:

My name is Alan Smith, and I am a senior fellow and Midwest…

Ohio Legislature fails to act
Mike Haugh

As the calendar moved from 2020 to 2021, the Ohio Legislature chose not to act on the corruption that tarnished the State. If a $60 million bribery scandal doesn’t motivate the House and Senate to…

HB 6 and the Road Back From Corruption
Josiah Neeley & Mike Haugh

Ohioans are rightly shocked by the recent reports of corruption in the state regarding energy legislation. Central to the current scandals is HB 6, passed in 2019, which will give over $1 billion to…

, Bridge Michigan
Some Michigan drunken drivers would get records expunged in bipartisan bill
Jesse Kelley

From Bridge Michigan:

Jessica Kelley, manager of criminal justice & civil liberties at R Street, a conservative think tank, and longtime proponent of Clean Slate laws, told Bridge Michigan…

, The Center Square
Michigan Senate approves criminal justice, occupational licensing reform for veterans
C. Jarrett Dieterle

From The Center Square:

The bills would help military families who often face barriers to work when frequently moving around the country, Jarrett Dieterle, the director of commercial freedom at…

, The Gazette
Iowa has a plan to fix policing, but is it enough?
Arthur Rizer & Casey Witte

By all accounts, 2020 has been a watershed year for policing. Now more than ever, Americans are looking at how police go about keeping the peace — and they are asking questions. The deaths of…