, National Review
The Working-Class Welfare Trap: How Policy Penalizes Marriage
Douglas J. Besharov & Neil Gilbert

From National Review:

One study found that a working-class couple with two children in Arkansas stood to lose 32 percent of their real income if they married.

Key Voices Call on Ohio to Repeal HB 6 Power Plant Bailouts: Here’s What They’re Saying
Devin Hartman & Mike Haugh

From Electric Power Supply Association:

Electric Competition: The Antidote for Bad Behavior: “The Illinois and Ohio utility scandals highlight the flaws of letting electric monopolies mingle in…

LaRose Issues Statement on Ohio Controlling Board Decision Not to Allow Paid Postage for Absentee Ballots
Marc Hyden & Kevin Kosar & Steven Greenhut

From Frank LaRose Ohio Secretary of State:

“…a recent report by the nonpartisan Brookings Institution graded Ohio seventh nationally on their vote-by-mail pandemic preparedness, trailing only…

, Cleveland.com
Ohio and Frank LaRose lead the nation in voting by mail: Tyler Fisher and Marc Hyden
Kevin Kosar & Marc Hyden & Steven Greenhut

From Cleveland.com:

Moreover, states have access to technologies to ensure that voting by mail can be done safely and securely and, in truth, there’s a strong conservative case for allowing…

Flawed Regulatory System Encourages Bad Behavior By Electric Utilities
Josiah Neeley

The summer of 2020 saw shocking allegations of criminal conduct by electric companies in two midwestern states.

In July, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, agreed to…

R Street Applauds Gov. Whitmer for Signing Clean Slate Law in Michigan
Jesse Kelley

WASHINGTON (Oct. 13, 2020)—Michigan becomes the third state to sign automatic record-clearing (“Clean Slate”) legislation into law. One of the landmark facets of this new law is a mechanism to…

, Washington Examiner
Daily on Energy, presented by National Clean Energy Week: Number of nuclear reactors at 30-year low — what it means
Devin Hartman & Mike Haugh

From Washington Examiner:

A CALL FOR ELECTRIC REFORM: Recent utility scandals in Ohio and Illinois are not isolated but rather demonstrative of the “perverse incentive structure of monopoly…

Missouri can do more to rehabilitate youth in the criminal justice system
Nila Bala

Earlier this week, the Missouri House missed an opportunity to raise the age that juveniles can be considered adults for certain offenses. The bill under consideration would have benefitted…

, The Jacki Daily Show
Podcast: Ep 71 | Russia Against Trump; CA Blackouts | Guests: Chuck DeVore, Jason Isaac, & Josiah Neeley
Josiah Neeley

From The Jacki Daily Show:

Jacki explains how we can know that Russia would never support President Trump, in 2016 or 2020. Spoiler alert: Russia lives and dies by the price of oil & gas, and…

In SUPPORT of HB 669, “To amend sections 4301.10, 4301.62, and 4303.041 and to enact sections 4303.185 and 4303.186 of the Revised Code to enact provisions of law relative to the sale and delivery of alcoholic beverages by liquor permit holders and to declare an emergency.
Alan Smith

Chairman Hoagland, Vice-Chair Schaffer, Ranking Minority Member O’Brien and members of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee:

My name is Alan Smith, and I am the Midwest…