The state ROFR wave could hit electric consumers in their pocketbooks
Josiah Neeley

There is an old military saying: once is an accident, twice is a coincidence and three times is enemy action. So it is a bit alarming that three different states (Indiana, Kansas and Mississippi)…

Testimony in Opposition to South Dakota’s Senate Bill 55, Prohibiting Ranked-Choice Voting
Matt Germer

Testimony from:
Matthew Germer, Elections Fellow, R Street Institute
In OPPOSITION of SB 55, “An Act to prohibit ranked-choice voting”
February 1, 2023
Senate State Affairs Committee

Testimony in Support of Indiana Senate Bill 224, Improving Protection for Election Workers
Ryan Williamson

Testimony from:
Ryan Williamson, Governance Fellow, R Street Institute
In SUPPORT of SB 224, “A BILL FOR AN ACT . . . concerning elections.”
January 30, 2023
Senate Elections Committee

, Reason
Decriminalize Moonshine!
C. Jarrett Dieterle

As state governments kick off their spring legislative seasons, a bill introduced in the Ohio Senate will attempt to legalize home alcohol distilling. Whether this leads to an uptick in at-home…

Testimony In SUPPORT of House Bill 2019 relating to the Kansas transportation network company services act that establishes conditions for when a driver is an independent contractor
Steven Greenhut

Testimony from:
Steven Greenhut, Resident Senior Fellow and Western Region Director, R Street Institute
In SUPPORT of House Bill 2019 relating to the Kansas transportation network company services…

, The Ohio Star
Ohio Legislative Committee Approves Universal License Recognition Bill – The Ohio Star
Alan Smith

From The Ohio Star:

Representatives also heard from Alan Smith, midwest director of the center-right R Street Institute, who warned the lawmakers that economic trends in the Buckeye State are…

When it comes to birth control access, Gov. Whitmer and her colleagues have work to do
Courtney Joslin & Sophia Heimowitz

Given new uncertainties surrounding reproductive healthcare in the United States, state policymakers face increased pressure to secure birth control access. This past fall, Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen…

, The Lima News
Republican-led Ohio poised to create safe, effective bail reform legislation
Lisel Petis

Ohioans have seen firsthand some of the devastating outcomes of a cash bail system: Defendants who can afford high-bail amounts are released and subsequently arrested for murder. So it’s not…

Ohio Bail Reform Legislation
Alan Smith & Lisel Petis

Cash bail acknowledging a presumption of innocence for persons accused of crimes has always been a feature of the judicial process in America. An amount of money is set by a court to…

Flavor bans might keep youth from vaping, but could also hurt smokers who are trying to quit
Pritika C. Kumar

Columbus, Ohio, lawmakers are considering a flavor ban on tobacco products. While this proposed ban is aimed at preventing youth tobacco use, it may harm adult smokers who struggle to quit…

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