Strengthening Electric Reliability Through Markets in the Midwest
Devin Hartman

Every year, the Midwest electricity grid operator conducts an auction to secure enough resource capacity to meet its reliability target for the year ahead. But this year was different. For the first…

Criminal Justice Reform Efforts and Rise in Crime: Spotlight on City of St. Louis, Mo.
Lisel Petis

This is the third in a series of posts on the subject. Scroll to the end to see the most recent posts in the series.

The nation has been captivated by reports of rising crime and the…

Ohio Needs a Better Way to Draft Candidates
Matt Germer

Recently, we’ve seen the best and worst of Ohioans moving onward and upward.

Starting with the best, 19 players from Ohio universities were selected in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Buckeye State…

, Duluth News Tribune
Clumsy regulation could create new privacy, 1st Amendment concerns
Josh Withrow

Lawmakers responding to concerns about how digital content may harm some users have become increasingly fixated upon regulating the algorithms that organize online content — especially with respect…

, The Columbus Dispatch
Ohio’s outdated election system disenfranchises voters, fuels division
Marc Hyden

Come November, a barrage of TV ads, campaign mailers, and robocalls will urge Ohioans to head to the polls to determine the state’s elections. But in reality, most general election voters will…

Rapid growth in South Dakota requires elimination of appraiser certification bottleneck
Alan Smith

Recently, South Dakota has been a national success story in attracting people and business from other states. The pandemic has accelerated the movement to remote jobs, and this trend is expected to…

Video: Matthew Germer Testifies to the Wyoming Legislature on Ranked-Choice Voting
Matt Germer

R Street Institute resident elections fellow Matthew Germer testifies to the Wyoming state Legislature, encouraging them to study ranked-choice voting.

In OPPOSITION to MN HF 1184: App Store Legislation
Alan Smith

Testimony from:
Alan Smith, Midwest Director & Senior Fellow, R Street Institute
In OPPOSITION to House File 1184
House Commerce Finance and Policy Committee
March 16, 2022

In Support of Minnesota HF 1355 “An ACT to reduce the penalties for possession of personal amounts of marijuana”
Christi Smith

Testimony from:
Christi M. Smith, Fellow, Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties, R Street Institute
In SUPPORT of HF 1355 “AN ACT to reduce the penalties for possession of personal amounts of…

, RTO Insider
Stakeholder Soapbox: Midwest Lessons on the Value of Transmission Independence and Competition
Devin Hartman

Cost savings for competitive projects in CAISO and MISO | The Brattle Group

The Midwest has become ground zero for the future of transmission policy. Reliance on incumbent transmission…

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