, The Missouri Times
Bill could mitigate potential medical professional shortage brought on by coronavirus, rep says
Shoshana Weissmann

From The Missouri Times:

“Rep. Grier’s bill would generally be helpful for people moving to Missouri who want to work. But especially in a time when no state knows how many and what kinds of…

, Washington Examiner
How big government hurts the poor and crushes the innocent
Shoshana Weissmann

Too often in the United States, the government deprives its citizens of their basic rights for reasons that are either unjust or illogical. Worse yet, people can lose their jobs or freedom just…

Testimony in Support of SF 1960
Courtney Joslin

Testimony from:
Courtney Joslin, Commercial Freedom Fellow, R Street Institute
Testimony in Support of SF 1960
March 12, 2020
Minnesota State Senate, Health and Human Services Finance and Policy…

, The Kansas City Star
New Kansas department could build on past juvenile justice reforms
Emily Mooney

At the beginning of the year, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly announced a plan to consolidate state agencies focusing on child welfare, mental health and juvenile justice into one large umbrella agency in…

, The Gazette
Tying voting rights to debt is a bad idea
Arthur Rizer

As a former police officer, military officer, and federal prosecutor, I support a constitutional amendment to restore voting eligibility to Iowans with past convictions. I urge Iowa’s Senate to…

, The Gazette
Quit flooding Iowa workers with licensing fees
Anthony Lamorena

Last year, flooding across Iowa caused over $2 billion in damage. In the aftermath, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have poured resources…

, Utility Dive
Retaining outmoded monopolies and coal plants keeps Indiana in the Dark Ages
Devin Hartman

The Indiana statehouse is abuzz as state utilities plan to shutter thousands of megawatts of coal-fired power plants in the coming years. Unfortunately, a false panic about electricity reliability…

Wisconsin must do more to protect children in the juvenile justice system
Nila Bala

Strip searches, pepper sprayings, toe amputations, suicide attempts, and long periods of solitary confinement. These are just a few incidents that have plagued Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake —…

Testimony In Opposition to SB 198, “A BILL regarding out-of-network care.”
Alan Smith

Testimony from:
Alan Smith, Midwest Region Director, R Street Institute
In OPPOSITION to SB 198, “A BILL regarding out-of-network care.”
December 11, 2019
Senate Insurance and Financial…

R Street Testimony In Support of SB 286
Courtney Joslin

Testimony from:
Courtney Joslin, Commercial Freedom Fellow, R Street Institute

Regarding SB 286, An Act to amend 450.095 (title) and 450.095 (3); and to create 450.01 (16) (L), 450.095 (1) (ag)…

Pozdeyev Vitaly


Fiscal Policy in a Time of Crisis

A principled guide for government officials responding swiftly and directly to the unprecedented global pandemic.


1) Congress must act - but this is no time for pork or pet projects.
2) Relief must be immediate, targeted, and temporary.
3) Federal help should bolster the work states are doing, not replace it.