, UtilityDive
As FERC’s transmission proposal sparks clashes, potential solutions emerge from MISO, elsewhere
Beth Garza

From UtilityDive:

…“Incumbents might complain about added bureaucracy or find ways around it,” former FERC Commissioner [John] Norris responded. But objective, data-based…

The Good, the Bad and the Winning Formula for FERC’s Regional Transmission Reform Proposal
Devin Hartman

Last Wednesday, over 200 electric industry stakeholders filed comments on proposed transmission policy reforms that, altogether, may hold more economic and emissions impact than the Inflation…

Texas grid reforms must not overlook natural gas supply
Josiah Neeley

Eight months after Winter Storm Uri left much of Texas in the dark, researchers and regulators are still trying to figure out what exactly caused such widespread power plant failures, and how to…

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