Economic Mobility


, The American Spectator
Power to the Judges!
Steven Greenhut

The rule of thumb with progressives and California’s robust initiative, referendum, and recall process is that they’re in favor of giving the people the power to control their government —…

, The Hill
The Hill’s Sustainability Report: After massive Haiti earthquake, thousands await medical care
Ashley Nunes

From The Hill:

The high SUV sales can be seen as a reflection of consumer choice – except that consumers don’t have much choice, as innovation policy expert Ashley Nunes told The Sacramento…

R Street Vote Alert: Vote NO on H.R. 842, the PRO Act of 2021
Anthony Lamorena

The R Street Institute urges all members to vote NO on H.R. 842, the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act of 2021.

R Street’s Competition Policy Program identifies policies that accelerate…

How Red State/Blue State Differences in Housing Might Tip the Election
Jonathan Bydlak


“A lot of the differences you see between red states and blue states reflect the urban-rural divide. Urban areas have traditionally voted more Democrat, and rural areas have…

‘War on suburbs’ is more about politics than reality
Steven Greenhut

As Republicans battle Democratic electoral advances in the nation’s politically pivotal suburbs, they’ve been sounding the alarms about a liberal plot to dismantle our beloved single-family…

Legislatures are Giving Local Communities the Right Tools to End the Housing Crisis
Antonia Passalacqua

In major cities coast to coast, it is no secret that housing prices are virtually unaffordable for working-class Americans of nearly all socioeconomic levels. As a result, these exorbitant rent…

Pandemic Economics
Shoshana Weissmann & Chelsea Boyd & Courtney Joslin & Nick Zaiac & R.J. Lehmann

From ARC:

Some regulatory changes, such as expanding scope-of-practice laws for health professionals and allowing nurses to practice across state lines are specifically relevant for the crisis,…

, Omaha World-Herald
The Postal Service’s untapped real estate fortune
Nick Zaiac

At a moment when the post office is most needed, its future is murkier than ever. With millions of Americans currently dependent on the United States Postal Service for essential products like…

Will COVID-19 force planners to rethink their love of density?
Steven Greenhut

All we need are ankle bracelets and Americans would understand what it’s like to be sentenced to home confinement. In a short drive to a grocery store in town last week, I spotted six patrol cars…

Popular Publications on COVID-19 and Regulatory Policy
Shoshana Weissmann & Courtney Joslin & Chelsea Boyd & Nick Zaiac & R.J. Lehmann

From GW Regulatory Studies Center:

Small Regulatory Reforms That Can Help People During the COVID Pandemic
The R Street Institute’s Shoshanna Wiessman, Chelsea Boyd, Courtney Joslin, Nick…

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