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Republican Contraceptive Access Bill May be the Most Pro-Woman Bill this Congress
Kristen Nyman & Corinne Day

On May 9, 1960, the FDA approved the first oral contraceptive. While we’ve come a long way since then, we still have some hurdles to overcome. The emergency contraception known as Plan B…

R Sheet on Pharmacy Access to Contraception in Iowa
Courtney Joslin & Marc Hyden

In the last several years, 10 states and the District of Columbia have passed pharmacy access bills, which allow pharmacists to prescribe hormonal contraception to women. These efforts expand the…

Testimony on an Act concerning contraceptives
Courtney Joslin & Kristen Nyman

Testimony from:Courtney Joslin, Commercial Freedom Fellow, R Street InstituteKristen Nyman, Government Affairs Specialist, R Street Institute

Regarding S 845
“AN ACT concerning contraceptives,…

Commentary: Birth control should be as easy to buy as cold medicine
Marc Hyden & Courtney Joslin

As early as 2014, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unintended Pregnancy called counties where underprivileged women do not have reasonable access to state-funded birth control…

Massachusetts Bill Seeks to Expand Access to More Effective Contraceptives
Courtney Joslin & Nicolas John

In 2013, teen pregnancy in Massachusetts reached an historic low. As the Massachusetts Department of Public Health noted, this achievement was largely in part thanks to better access to…

Rhode Island Could Lead the Northeast in Innovative Health Care
Courtney Joslin & Kristen Nyman

Access to physician care is already strained in the United States and, unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse. A recent report from the American Association of Medical…

Nevada birth-control bill should spur little controversy
Steven Greenhut & Courtney Joslin

“You wined me and dined me, when I was your girl,” sang legendary country and western crooner Loretta Lynn in her 1975 song, “The Pill.” And although her husband promised to show her…

R Street Supports the Allow Women Greater Access to Safe and Effective Contraception Act
Kristen Nyman & Courtney Joslin

In the United States, unintended pregnancies remain
startlingly common. 83 percent of all pregnancies for women aged 18 and 19, and
64 percent of pregnancies for women aged 20 to 24, are unplanned….

Pharmacy Access To Contraception in Illinois
Courtney Joslin & Marc Hyden

 In 2010, 52 percent of pregnancies in Illinois were unintended. When compared to the national average—45 percent in 2011—this is high. Adopting the pharmacy access model in Illinois would…

Pharmacy Access To Contraception in South Carolina
Courtney Joslin & Marc Hyden

 In South Carolina, half of all pregnancies are unintended. The state also has a low ratio of active doctors to total state population, ranking 36th in the country. Furthermore, women’s…