, Newnan Times-Herald
A Free Market Solution for Women’s Healthcare
Marc Hyden

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you likely know that women’s health and reproductive rights have dominated national debates. While always important issues, the U.S. Supreme Court’s…

Here’s what the first-ever over-the-counter birth control pill (in the United States) could mean for contraceptive access and choice
Courtney Joslin

While the past few weeks have repeatedly thrown reproductive healthcare into headlines across the country, a bright spot has emerged in contraceptive access. As of July 11, 2022, HRA Pharma has…

, The Bulwark
A Pro-Choicer and a Pro-Lifer Do Lunch
Courtney Joslin

From The Bulwark:

We can easily do better. As the R Street Institute has urged, all 50 states can make birth control pills available over the counter (18 states currently permit pharmacists to…

How Contraception is Regulated and Obtained in the United States
Courtney Joslin

Birth Control Access and Regulation in the United States
The R Street Institute has worked for years on reducing barriers for consumers to obtain hormonal contraception across the United States….

, R Street Institute
Event: Birth Control in the Military: Coverage, Concerns and Cost-Sharing
Courtney Joslin

Few Washington debates get as heated as those about birth control and insurance. The Affordable Care Act contraceptive mandate maintains that women receive birth…

, Relias Media
Accessing Hormonal Contraception by Pharmacy Prescriptions
Courtney Joslin

From Relias Media:

States differ in their rules for pharmacy prescribing of hormonal contraception, the requirements for program certification, and the process for becoming a billable provider….

Senators are working to maintain Medicare telehealth flexibilities
Courtney Joslin & Chelsea Boyd

Access to healthcare has long been a challenge for many Americans. The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated these issues as strains on the medical system and lockdowns complicated care. Policymakers…

Doctors without (virtual) borders for mental and behavioral health in Maryland
Courtney Joslin

Now that we’re beyond most declared states of emergency issued at the onset of the pandemic, most emergency orders allowing expanded telehealth access have also expired. While many people were…

Testimony in support of advancing ocular telehealth in Georgia
Courtney Joslin

Testimony of Courtney Joslin
Resident Fellow, R Street Institute
Georgia House Health and Human Services Committee
February 15, 2022
In Support of House Bill 629
Chair Cooper, Vice Chair Newton…

Economic Mobility and Contraceptive Access: Societal Effects
Courtney Joslin

This policy brief is 2 of a 2-part series on the relationship between contraceptive access and economic mobility. This series emphasizes two lenses—the individual and the societal costs associated…

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