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Singer: State lawmakers must not wait for the next crisis before enacting reforms
Courtney Joslin

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One way to do so is to tap into pharmacists’ knowledge and training. In a new study released jointly by the Goldwater Institute and the R Street Institute,…

Letter in Support of ASP+8%
Jonathan Bydlak

To Leader McConnell, Leader Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, and Leader McCarthy:

Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first biosimilar medicine in 2015, important progress has been…

States Must Expand Pharmacist Scope of Practice Laws
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 23, 2020)—As the United States grapples with how to improve health care access and affordability during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new policy paper from the R Street Institute and…

How States Can Promote Health Care Access and Affordability While Enhancing Patient Autonomy
Courtney Joslin

Press release: States Must Expand Pharmacist Scope of Practice Laws

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R Street opposes protectionist contact lens legislation
Corinne Day

The R Street Institute opposes S. 4613, a bill to amend the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act to prevent certain automated calls and to require notice of the availability of contact lens…

Pharmacy access model is key to increasing access to healthcare providers
Alexa Cunniff

WASHINGTON (Sept. 30, 2020)—In recent years, the pharmacy access model has lowered healthcare costs and increased patient access to hormonal birth control. However, despite the positive changes it…

Lessons for Legislators: A Guide to Allowing Pharmacist-Prescribed Birth Control
Courtney Joslin

As legislators on both sides of the aisle have looked for ways to address high healthcare costs and access to providers, they have discovered what the medical community has known for years:…

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COVID-19 Vaccine Administration and Pharmacist Scope of Practice Reform
Courtney Joslin

As major pharmaceutical companies begin phase III trials for COVID-19 vaccines, some experts are optimistic that the United States will have an approved vaccine by early 2021. This is good news,…

Pharmacy Access to Contraception in Massachusetts
Courtney Joslin & Nicolas John


In Massachusetts, nearly one-third of women of reproductive age use short-acting hormonal contraception such as transdermal patches, birth control injections or birth control pills. The…

Cronyism in the contact lens market is tough to kill
Courtney Joslin

Regulatory reformers know that, once protectionism is embedded in regulation, it is tough to weed it out. The latest example is the resurrected debate over patient rights to contact lens prescription…