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Senate Sets Record for Least Number of Amendment Votes Taken Before August Recess
Aubrey Neal

AIN Update

Senators’ ability to submit amendments is a crucial facet of our legislative process. Rather than simply voting up or down on the priorities of others, this ability allows…

President’s Tweets Count as Official Statements, Twitter Followers Get First Amendment Protections
Aubrey Neal

AIN Update

Throughout the Trump administration, the White House and Department of Justice have supported the president’s opinion that his tweets count as official White House statements. The…

Is the Fourth of July really the Second?
Alex J. Pollock

We all know about Fourth of July picnics, parades and fireworks. We all know the celebration is about the Declaration of Independence and the birth of our country. But how much else do we know about…

Texas Workforce Commission’s new regulation further weakens our democracy
Jesse Kelley & Aubrey Neal

Recently, the Texas Workforce Commission approved a controversial new rule for gig-economy workers that changes regulations for app-based companies that hire contractors — particularly affecting…

, Law & Liberty
Make America Diverse Again
James Wallner

E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. The motto, emblazoned on one side of the Great Seal of the United States, succinctly captures the dual nature of the American founding. With just thirteen letters,…

R Street Heads Up Coalition Letter to 2020 Presidential Hopefuls on Court Packing
Aubrey Neal

June 3, 2019

Candidate for President of the United States:

We the undersigned write to congratulate you on your
candidacy for president of the United States. Our nation’s current…

, The Atlantic
Trump’s Defiance of the Rule of Law
Paul Rosenzweig

President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that his administration is the “most transparent in history,” and that it has “cooperated totally” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s…

Fight Over Mueller Report Strains the Governance System
Aubrey Neal

AIN Update

Over the last week, tremendous tension has arisen between the executive and legislative branches concerning the contents and release of special counsel Mueller’s investigative report,…

Department of Justice Obstructs Administrative Norm of ‘Duty to Defend’
Anthony Marcum & Aubrey Neal


Last week, the Justice Department notified a federal appeals court that it now agrees with a district judge’s December ruling that because the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual…

, The Huffington Post
Women Hold Just As Many Congressional Committee Jobs As Men But Are Paid Less
Casey Burgat

From The Huffington Post:

Women working in some of the most coveted jobs on Capitol Hill face a pervasive pay gap and are underrepresented on many of Congress’ most powerful committees, a…