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Bipartisan Support of a Nuclear Energy Bill Shows What Green New Deal Looks Like Without Price Tag
William Murray

Bipartisan legislation supporting advanced nuclear technology may someday be viewed as the missing piece to the low-carbon technology puzzle that Congress has been painstakingly putting together for…

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Busy day off the Hill
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A SENSE OF PURPA: Two former presidents of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners — a Democrat and a Republican — wrote a…

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O Green New World

Travis Kavulla’s article “What Is the Green New Deal?” (March 11) challenges the GOP to create new climate policies that will put consumers first….

Travis Kavulla

The solar boom in America is continuing and South Carolina has the potential to be on the forefront, but an outdated federal law could prevent growth and strap South Carolina consumers with…

If fossil fuel is being out-competed by renewables, maybe the problem isn’t renewables
Josiah Neeley

Texas is known for many things, and not least among them is great barbecue. Among the most famous of Texas’ barbecue joints is Franklin Barbecue in Austin. The food at Franklin is so…

New England Natural Gas Pipeline Saga Continues Its Bureaucratic Groundhog Day
William Murray

Another chapter in the book of regulatory weirdness is being
written in federal court regarding the power of the Federal Energy Regulatory
Commission (FERC) to site natural gas pipelines.

In an…

Renewable wind energy: Balancing military and private land-use concerns

“The rare instance when a wind farm siting might conflict with military readiness does not justify broader restrictions on the deployment of wind power.”
Press release: “The answer is blowin’ in…

“The answer is blowin’ in the wind”: Balancing military and private land-use concerns
Ann Phelan

WASHINGTON (October 31) – In recent years, the growth of wind and related energy technologies have provided numerous benefits to the broader economy. As with any new technology, however, wind has…

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Eminent Domain Is Hurting Clean Energy
William Murray

Environmentalists are starting to use the same legal tactics they use to halt the construction of oil and natural gas pipelines against clean energy projects like wind farms, cutting into…

Planting the Seeds of a Distributed Nuclear Revolution
William Murray & Josiah Neeley

Reestablishing an economically competitive domestic nuclear industry in the United States will require a different path, one that is responsive to current economic, political, and institutional…