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Potential Effects of the Inflation Reduction Act on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Philip Rossetti

Potential Effects of the Inflation Reduction Act on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
When the Build Back Better (BBB) legislation was first proposed, the R Street Institute (RSI) analyzed…

Radio: Getting Energy Permitting Reform Right
Philip Rossetti

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

Next week, the Senate will vote on Joe Manchin’s bill which would reform permitting for energy projects. It faces a tough uphill battle against progressive…

, C3
Permitting Reform Needed to Reach Clean Energy Goals
Philip Rossetti

From C3 Solutions:

Forty-two percent of American energy projects stalled by the permitting process are clean energy ventures, whereas just 15% are fossil fuel projects. Overburdensome…

, TechTarget
Inflation Reduction Act Boosts Clean Energy Incentives
Devin Hartman

From TechTarget:

Challenges remain for clean energy development, use

There will be benefits resulting from the Inflation Reduction Act, such as substantial carbon emissions reductions and…

, Yahoo Finance
A ‘most contentious’ issue: Lawmakers brace for debate on reforming energy permits
Philip Rossetti

From Yahoo Finance:

“There’s a lot of emotion around” the environmental issues at play here, said Philip Rossetti, an energy expert at a group called the R Street Institute and a former GOP…

, Utility Dive
Liberty never looked so green: Policy implications of private carbon-free energy commitments
Devin Hartman

The clean energy transition has hit two monumental inflection points. First, private capital has assumed the lead role in clean energy procurement and projects to outpace mandatory procurement…

, Bloomberg
Climate Bill Targets Transmission to Unjam Clean Energy Backlog
Devin Hartman

From Bloomberg:

Other industry watchers, however, argued that further subsidies for clean energy and transmission—without any final regulatory actions from FERC—could wind up sticking…

Think the Inflation Reduction Act is a climate savior? Think again.
Devin Hartman

After the malaise of Build Back Better, Senate Democrats on Sunday passed a successor-of-sorts in the form of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The act is rather humorously titled, considering it…

You can’t grow the economy by abusing government authority: Defense Production Act Edition
Philip Rossetti & Jonathan Bydlak

Not long ago, the R Street Institute (RSI) called the Biden administration’s plan to use the Defense Production Act (DPA) for energy the “Pandora’s box of bad policy.” Invoking the DPA is the…

, The Hill
Conservatives must wake up and address climate change — or face the voters’ wrath
Philip Rossetti

Liberals might say that this is all talk, and that conservatives have not actually done anything on climate.

But that is false. We can indeed reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow the U.S….

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