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, The American Spectator
Electricity, by Force
Steven Greenhut

My opinion of electric vehicles and other electrified machinery is — to excuse the pun — neutral. They offer advantages and disadvantages over items powered by internal-combustion engines. As…

, E&E News
FERC deadlock may shift renewables’ future in South
Chris Villarreal

From E&E News:

In addition, the proposal doesn’t include an independent market monitor, which is commonplace in organized power markets elsewhere in the U.S. That factor is a sticking point…

House Republicans Advocate for Greater Clean Energy Opportunities
Philip Rossetti

From Congressman Bruce Westerman:

The panel of Republican members heard from five witnesses during the forum:

Philip Rossetti, resident senior fellow, R Street Institute
Xan Fishman, energy…

Clean Energy Payment Program Likely to have Unrealistic Expectations
Philip Rossetti

The proposed Clean Electricity Performance Program (CEPP) under the Build Back Better Act (aka the budget reconciliation infrastructure bill) is claimed to be a policy that would lead to roughly 80…

, Financial Times
Want to save the planet? Share a ride
Ashley Nunes

“We don’t have any more time” was Joe Biden’s outcry last week as he urged climate action after visiting hurricane-wracked New Jersey. The storm made landfall in Louisiana before roaring up…

Clean Energy Spending Plan Needs Competition to Unlock Least-Cost Solutions – Even Better, Carbon Pricing Would Transform the Grid
Devin Hartman

From Electric Power Supply Association:

EPSA believes incumbent utilities should not be insulated from competition; our fear is that a poorly designed CEPP would do just that. Our member…

, The Hill
Clean energy wins and woes in Biden’s budget
Chris Villarreal

From The Hill:

Clean energy’s largest hurdle is regulatory in nature, but the CEPP would exacerbate this problem by subsidizing a regulatory machine prone to excessive spending —…

Energy Reconciliation Proves Irreconcilable
Devin Hartman

Electricity always moves at the speed of light, while congressional clean energy rhetoric and results have moved light years apart. Public spending no longer dictates the pace of the clean…

What to watch this fall at DOE, Interior, FERC
Devin Hartman

From E&E News:

“With MOPR, I would watch Christie like a hawk,” said Devin Hartman, director of energy and environmental policy at the R Street Institute, a research nonprofit that…

Why are politicians so fascinated with backwards climate policy?
Philip Rossetti

By now we all should be tired of hearing that climate change is a global, collective action problem. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases disperse in the atmosphere globally, meaning the…

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