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Weekly Rundown
Alex J. Pollock

From National Council of Higher Education Resources:

On Thursday at 10:00 a.m., the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) holds an event titled, “Can the Federal Reserve Manage the Next Economic…

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Alex J. Pollock

From abc 7:

Thursday, Nov. 14 10:00 AM AEI discussion on the Federal Reserve and the ‘next economic crisis’ – ‘Can the Federal Reserve manage the next economic crisis? American Enterprise…

, The Hill
Will the Federal Reserve have a monopoly in digital currencies?
Alex J. Pollock

Cryptocurrencies started out with a libertarian desire to give people an alternative to national money, thereby escaping government power to depreciate their fiat currencies through inflation. Many…

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Should the Fed Be Run by Economists?
Alex J. Pollock

Tomorrow, November 2, marks two years since the nomination of Jerome Powell to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Leaving aside President Trump’s subsequent expressions of regret at his choice,…

Do you believe central bank assurances?
Alex J. Pollock

To reassure savers worried about the safety of their deposits, the Reserve Bank of India (India’s central bank) recently announced it “would like to assure the general public that Indian banking…

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The Fed’s confusions
Douglas Carr

Despite uncertainty about trade, the U.S. economy is growing at around what most economists believe is its long-term potential growth rate, unemployment is very low, inflation remains subdued and…

Central Bank Independence: A Canadian Contrast
Alex J. Pollock

Whether central banks are or should be or could be “independent” of the rest of the government is a key question in political economics and political finance.  Given the great power of the…

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A postmortem of the Fed’s failed attempt to normalize
Douglas Carr

For the last couple of years, the Federal Reserve has sought to increase interest rates to quell speculation and provide latitude for cuts in the event of another economic downturn.

The June 19…

Why did economists think negative interest rates were impossible?
Alex J. Pollock

“Many things that had once been unimaginable nevertheless came to pass.” So it is with negative interest rates, a very good case of this insightful saying of physicist Freeman Dyson.


Europe’s populist and Brexit economic challenge

From AEI:

Europe’s political landscape is becoming much more challenging, as evidenced by the strong showing of populist parties in the recent European parliamentary elections and by the…