Alternatives to Arrest


Conservative districts lead the way on pre-arrest programs
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (March 30, 2022) — A new report by R Street Institute resident senior fellow Lisel Petis explores the successful implementation of pre-arrest diversion programs in conservative…

Conservative Jurisdictions Champion Diversion Efforts
Lisel Petis

Law enforcement agencies across the country, regardless of state or jurisdiction population size, are facing challenges on a daily basis, including exhaustion and frustration from…

Give law enforcement resources to address violent crime by changing arrest practices
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (March 8 2022)—The rise in homicides that began in 2020 and continues today is a major concern of policymakers and the public, and rightly so. Since data collection began in the 1960s,…

Combating the Rise in Homicides by Expanding the Use of Citations In Lieu of Arrest
Maya Szilak

The rise in homicide rates that began in 2020 continues to be a major source of public concern. Law enforcement agencies need effective strategies to deal with this issue without…

, Arnold Ventures
Convicted, Unemployed, Overlooked
Sarah Wall

From Arnold Ventures:

This argument from R Street Institute’s Sarah Wall that issuing citations in lieu of arrest is a step toward community policing.

Targeted Strategies to Reduce Disparities in Jail Populations
Christi Smith

The fact that the United States incarcerates more of its population than the rest of the industrialized world—and that racial and ethnic minorities are overrepresented in…

A Review of Evidence-Based Alternatives to Pretrial Detention and Incarceration
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (Feb. 7, 2022) —The COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique problem to local jails. A lack of funding and resources, coupled with increased population transiency, translated to a…

, Inside Sources
U.S. Cities Ignore Potential Employment Pool as Staffing Shortages Continue
Lisel Petis & Christi Smith

Businesses across the country are reducing hours or even shuttering because of a labor market shortage.

Given the economic instability we face in a post-pandemic world and considering the current…

, Washington Examiner
Bipartisan bill would fund veteran-to-veteran crisis support teams in law enforcement
Jillian Snider

From Washington Examiner:

Twenty-nine House members are original co-sponsors of the legislation, and it has support from the Vietnam Veterans of America, Hope for the Warriors, Easterseals, the R…

Rep. María Elvira Salazar Introduces the SERVICE Act for Veterans and Law Enforcement
Anthony Lamorena

From Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar:

The SERVICE Act is widely supported by several national veteran and law enforcement groups, including the Vietnam Vets of America, Hope for the Warriors,…

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