Time12:00PM1:00PM EST LocationLongworth House Office Building Room 1416, Washington, DC, 20003
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Strengthening Energy Resilience Through Interregional Transmission Reform


  • [Moderator] Neil Chatterjee, Senior Advisor, Hogan Lovells and former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Karen Onaran, President and CEO, Electricity Consumers Resource Council
  • Marc Marie, Regulatory Policy Fellow, Americans for Prosperity
  • Devin Hartman, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy, R Street Institute


Structural and regulatory problems in the electric industry result in virtually no transmission development between regions. This balkanized grid has exacerbated reliability risks and foregone the cost advantages of large transmission over smaller-scale projects. To fix this, interregional transmission development must reflect economic and reliability benefits, harness the 20-55 percent cost savings of competitive forces, pass streamlined permitting requirements, enable voluntary capital to flow and ensure ratepayers incur costs consistent with the benefits they receive.

Join us for a conversation on reforms that can enable interregional transmission development and cost-effectively bolster energy resilience.

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