Time11:30AM12:30PM EST
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Farm Facts and Fairy Tales: Are Today’s Agricultural Policies Aligned with the Real World?


[Moderator] Nan Swift, Fellow, Governance, R Street Institute

Steven Conn, PhD, W.E. Smith Professor of History, Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)

Sheila Korth, Senior Policy Analyst, Taxpayers for Common Sense

Mike Lavender, Policy Director, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition


New Deal farm policies were implemented during an extremely challenging time for U.S. farmers. Though today’s modern farms and food supply chains are a world away from those conditions, many of those dated underlying principles persist, often with costly unintended consequences that can hurt the environment, add to our record debt and impede the growth potential of this critical sector of the economy.

Join us for a virtual discussion with leading experts on the origins of federal farm policies, the true state of modern farming, and how we can bring today’s policies in line with current needs that promote innovation without breaking the bank.