Time2:00PM3:30PM EST
Events hosted by RSI AND Virtual

Data Privacy and Security as a National Security Imperative

Pre-Recorded Keynote Featuring

Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Panel Featuring

[Moderator] Sam Sabin, Cybersecurity Reporter, Axios

Jessica Dawson, PhD, Information Warfare Research Lead, Army Cyber Institute, U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Sam Kaplan, Director and Assistant General Counsel, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Palo Alto Networks

Brandon Pugh, Director, Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats, R Street Institute


Though some may see data privacy as a purely consumer issue, data in the hands of malicious actors and foreign adversaries who seek to exploit Americans’ personal information can present cybersecurity and national security risks. Key strategy documents like the 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy and Annual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community illuminate the need to safeguard our data. They highlight how adversaries can use this data against us—whether collected through commercial data aggregation or cyber breaches, which can increase the success of their espionage, influence, kinetic and cyberattack operations, or disinformation campaigns.

Join the R Street Institute for a special virtual event exploring the nexus between data privacy and security. Panelists will explore threats and risks; responsible and practical approaches to protect Americans’ data while allowing responsible use; and possible paths forward, such as a federal comprehensive data privacy and security law and other legislative and non-legislative options.

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