Time5:30PM8:00PM EST LocationRayburn House Office Building, Room 2043, Washington, DC, 20515
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Congress and Contraception: What’s Next?


  • Courtney Joslin, Resident Fellow and Senior Manager, Competition Policy, R Street Institute
  • Brian Bills, Director of Federal Policy and Advocacy, Upstream USA
  • Anthony Lamorena, Senior Federal Affairs Manager, R Street Institute


Birth control is back in the public spotlight after the Dobbs v. Jackson decision last year. As concerns grew over threats to contraception’s legality and availability, both Republican and Democrat members of Congress have introduced a number of bills that touch upon contraception, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it intends to review an application to make a birth control pill available without a prescription. Yet, it’s been nearly a year since Dobbs, and not much has changed. What are the proposals to expand contraceptive access from both Republicans and Democrats, why does the FDA play a crucial role in deciding birth control’s future, and what lies ahead? Join the R Street Institute for a comprehensive rundown of what’s happening with Congress and contraception.