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Bipartisan Priorities for Helping Families in 2024


Sabrina Schaeffer, Vice President, Public Affairs, R Street Institute

Jacob Bastian, Assistant Professor, Economics, Rutgers University

Tim Carney, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Courtney Joslin, Resident Fellow, Project for Women and Families, R Street Institute


The year 2024 is shaping up to be crucial for working families. With worries over a cooling economy, increasing child care costs, and poor maternal and infant health outcomes, the pressure is on to craft family-friendly policies this year.

Congress has a broad range of potential opportunities to provide families with effective economic, social, and health support. At the same time, legislative turmoil, the looming expiration of crucial tax provisions, and a challenging fiscal environment mean some of these opportunities may be nearly impossible to achieve.    

The R Street Institute invites you to an online discussion about several key priorities to help families. These are practical, bipartisan opportunities, such as reforming tax bills for families, improving telehealth access, and ensuring labor flexibility for working parents. We’ll also discuss the overarching challenges to working families, which can greatly deter Americans’ plans to have families in the first place. All of these are aimed at delivering well-targeted, sensible support to working families in 2024.

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Project for Women and Families

We conduct public policy research and outreach on pressing issues for the modern American family. We believe outdated public policy and regulatory barriers make it more difficult to raise healthy families and to participate and succeed in the workforce. This project focuses on pragmatic policy solutions like improving telehealth access, reducing regulatory burdens on child care, increasing labor flexibility for working parents, and more.

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