Time11:00AM12:00PM EST
Events hosted by RSI AND Virtual

Accounting for Risk: The China Problem


[Moderator] Nan Swift, Resident Fellow, Governance, R Street Institute

Brandon Pugh, Policy Director and Resident Senior Fellow, Cybersecurity and Emerging
Threats, R Street Institute

Dan Grazier, Senior Defense Policy Fellow, Project On Government Oversight

Emma Ashford, Senior Fellow, Reimagining US Grand Strategy, Stimson Center


Much ink has been spilled raising the specter of great power competition with China and a changing world order as a key reason to boost Pentagon spending. The House of Representatives has even formed a Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to examine this potential threat. 

One major concern is the cyber arena and the CCP’s quest to get ahead in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. However, spending limits in the recent debt ceiling deal, global events, and economic uncertainty could create challenges for a national security response. 

Join us for an online discussion on how to accurately assess “the China problem” and prioritize Pentagon spending, particularly in the context of new caps.

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