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The black letter law and articles in this episode are:
The DOJ Inspector General Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation Introduction
The full OIG Review
Politico “Russia’s Long and Mostly Unsuccessful History of Election Interference”…erference-229884
Operation Ghost Stories…he-russian-spy-case
Washington Post “U.N. Report on Jeff Bezos Phone Hack Only Adds to Questions About How the National Enquirer Got Its Scoop”…18_story.html
Financial Times “Saudi’s MBS implicated in hacking of Jeff Bezos’s phone”…a-a01a-bae547046735
UN experts call for investigation into allegations that Saudi Crown Prince involved in hacking of Jeff Bezos’ phone…sID=25488&LangID=E
Jim Baker is the Director of National Security and Cybersecurity at the R Street Institute

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