From 1290 WJNO:

As though living through them isn’t taxing enough and as though paying the sky-high property and flood insurance rates we already pay in South Florida due to the risk of them wasn’t already expensive enough – comes this. Joe Biden’s tax plan. Kudos to the team at R Street as they found this nugget within Joe Biden’s Socialist States of America Plan, ahem, I mean Made in America Tax Plan. Should the wannabee dictator-in-chief get his tax plan through Congress, guess what it’ll mean to you? Aside from higher income taxes and higher costs of goods and services from businesses who’d pass their higher tax rates on to you. Higher property insurance premiums. Under the Biden tax plan, the average Floridian, already paying the highest property insurance rates in the country, would have to pay an additional $300 annually in insurance costs. That’s right, $300 more a year alone just for property insurance!

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