From Washington Examiner:

“Secretary Buttigieg sticks to the White House script,” said Ashley Nunes, the director of competition policy at the R Street Institute. “That’s both good and bad — good because it garners support from within the White House, support that can be used as a bargaining chip for Buttigieg’s future political ambitions, and bad because the infrastructure bill that’s likely to pass is a far cry from what the White House actually wanted.”

Nunes also doesn’t give Buttigieg particularly high marks on supply chain issues.

“It’s hard to say he has handled the supply chain issue because it is unclear what he has actually done beyond hosting ’roundtables,’” Nunes said. “His main claim was that supply chain issues were a byproduct of President Biden’s ‘success,’ a somewhat laughable claim. His handling of supply chain breakdowns were not helped by the secretary hiding (for reasons unknown) the fact that he had taken two months of paid family leave while Americans were bearing the brunt of supply chain breakdown effects.”

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