From The Dispatch:

Steven Greenhut offers a piece of advice for politicians in his latest column for the  Orange County Register: Keep it simple. While officials preoccupy themselves with initiatives aimed at remedying society’s various ills, most people just want a government that keeps them safe and carries out basic administrative functions. “Upon election to office, politicians come to believe that they have the wherewithal to solve the world’s toughest problems. They usually mishandle the nuts-and-bolts chores they’re charged with addressing, yet dream of altering the Earth’s climate and eliminating enduring human conditions such as inequality and poverty,” Greenhut writes. “Most pols view themselves as the second coming of John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, or even Ronald Reagan, when most of us just want public servants who make sure the potholes are filled, the streets are marginally safe, the government budget balances, the trash gets picked up on time, and homeless people aren’t defecating in our local park.”

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