Vote Brings Uncertainty for Fed” (U.S. News, Nov. 10) says that President-elect Donald Trump might work with Congress to rewrite the laws governing the Fed’s structure. Good idea. It is of course decried by the Federal Reserve as a threat to its independence.

We should hope that the new president does proceed with this project. The Fed needs to be made accountable, as every part of the government should be. The notion that any part of the government, especially one as powerful and dangerous as the Fed, should be granted independence of checks and balances is misguided. Naturally, all bureaucrats resent being subject to the elected representatives of the people, but this doesn’t exempt them from their democratic accountability to the legislature that created them and may uncreate them.

The Fed is still carrying out emergency monetary experimentation seven years after the end of the crisis. It is busy robbing savers to benefit borrowers and leveraged speculators—a political act. It is imperative to figure out how best to make the Fed accountable to the Congress and to correct the evolved imbalance between its power and its accountability.

Image by Adam Dodd

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