What does it take to attract the world’s most brilliant minds?

In this Tech Roundup episode, Caleb Watney (Institute for Progress) and Adam Thierer (R Street Institute) explore the United States’ approach towards highly skilled immigration, its impact on innovation and economic growth, and how it might be improved going forward.

They begin by looking backwards, highlighting contributions from scientific refugees that led to remarkable advances such as the Manhattan Project. The conversation then delves into present-day legislative scenarios, including bipartisan support and barriers to immigration reform, alongside an analysis of specific policies like the CHIPS Act and the potential to expand the O-1 visa for extraordinary ability. The episode underscores immigrants’ contributions to entrepreneurship and contrasts the United States’ policies with those of Canada, the UK, and China’s aggressive talent recruitment strategies.

Tune in for an in-depth exploration of how the United States could maintain its competitive edge in the global race for talent.