AUSTIN, Texas (Feb. 25, 2013) –- The R Street Institute today welcomed the introduction of Texas legislation establishing a sales tax holiday for individuals and businesses who purchase storm shutters, electric generators and other items to better prepare for hurricanes.

Under S.B. 784, introduced by state Sen. Juan Hinojosa, R-Corpus Christi, the Saturday before the last Monday in April through the last Monday in April would be set aside every year as the time to gear up for the annual Atlantic hurricane season that begins June 1. For that extended weekend, state sales tax would be suspended on a variety of hurricane preparedness equipment.

“We are excited to see hard-working people along the coast and across the state receive some tax relief for items necessary to protect their property in the event of a storm,” R Street Texas Director Julie Drenner said. “Educating the public about practical ways to protect their homes and businesses is a wise investment against future loss.  Texas storms can be fierce and passage of this bill would help protect taxpayers from preventable damage.”

In addition to generators and storm shutters, the sales tax moratorium would cover such items as batteries, electric chargers, blue ice, carbon monoxide generators, fuel tanks, food storage coolers, self-powered light sources and radios, two-way and weather band radios, storm shutter devices, waterproof sheeting, hurricane straps and tie-down kits.

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