From Pacific Research Institute:

California again experienced a severe wildfire season in 2021, in the shadow of an ongoing water crisis that is increasing fire danger. Utilities implemented public safety power shutoffs, plunging Californians in the affected areas into darkness. Meanwhile, it has come to light that state officials aren’t doing what they promised to reduce wildfire risk. Policy experts discuss what can be done to prevent or reduce the severity of future wildfires, including the use of the governor’s executive powers, forest management, and water policy.

• Steven Greenhut
Author of PRI book, Winning the Water Wars
Western Region Director, R Street Institute

• The Hon. Daniel Kolkey
Pacific Research Institute
Board Member Chair, PRI California Reform Committee

• Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher
California State Assemblymember, 3rd District

• Brian Isom
Research Manager, Center for Growth and Opportunity, Utah State University

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