WASHINGTON (Jan. 20, 2021)—Today, the R Street Institute, American Enterprise Institute, Bipartisan Policy Center, Issue One and Unite America released a new report on election reform, targeting policy changes that, if implemented, would significantly improve election administration and the voting experience for Americans across the country. The five organizations focused on solutions that can garner bipartisan support at a time when Americans feel democracy and their freedoms are under assault.

“Elections must be trustworthy, and voting must be convenient. This new legislative framework shows how long-standing Republican, Democratic and bipartisan priorities can work in harmony to improve our elections without overbearing federal mandates,” said Matt Germer, resident elections fellow at the R Street Institute and co-author of the paper.

The report focuses on four critical areas for how voters engage with elections: registering to vote, casting a ballot, counting the tally, and ensuring safe and secure election administration. These four areas each contain suggestions that are supported by either Democrats, Republicans or both at the state or federal level, and states across the political and geographic spectrum have already implemented many of these reforms.

Importantly, these reforms would ensure that states maintain the primary responsibility for administering elections that meet their unique local needs.

How it Works: Our organizations recommend election funding opportunities based on an incentive structure. If states meet the report’s 14 proposed minimum standards by 2024, they would be eligible for federal matching funds. 

Recommended Reforms:

Voter Registration

Casting a Ballot

Counting the Vote

Cyber Security and Physical Security

Other Key Takeaways:

Please click here to read the full report.

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