From Communications Daily:

The number of items the FCC is considering at its monthly meetings has slowly declined in the two years since Jessica Rosenworcel was designated to lead the agency. The January meeting was over in about half an hour and had two items for votes. Similarly, Rosenworcel has teed up just two items for this month’s meeting. A review of the record found the FCC tackled 59 items, large and small, at meetings the first year under Rosenworcel. That was down to 42 in year two. In more than half the meetings in year two, commissioners tackled three or fewer items at the meetings…

Succeeding Through Cooperation

The FCC is mostly showing it can succeed through cooperation, said Jonathan Cannon, R Street fellow-technology and innovation and a former acting legal adviser to Commissioner Nathan Simington. The FCC “has avoided political fights and worked to fulfill the agency’s mission to work for the public interest,” Cannon said. While it’s more difficult to find agreement in some areas, like digital discrimination, “on matters of spectrum, deployment and more, the agency has demonstrated … resiliency and hard work of the staff,” he said.