From Washington Examiner:

Eli Lehrer, president of the R Street Institute, believes these conditions showcase a much bigger problem than one company’s compliance with government red tape.

“It’s good that this decision is getting the attention it does because it shows just how burdensome the administrative state has become,” Lehrer told the Washington Examiner. “The problem really isn’t some person at the FAA but rather the profusion of laws and regulations we impose on anyone who wants to build or do just about anything. The ultimate finding here is ‘go ahead,’ and many of the issues the FAA looked at, such as access to parks and dealing with potential rocket debris, are quite legitimate.”

He added, “The real problem is that getting to this point took several months and required that the FAA look at a massive number of ancillary and irrelevant issues. Many of these mandates were well intentioned at the time they were implemented — things like wildlife conservation and historic preservation are good in the abstract — but they add up to a tremendous burden that wastes time and money for little or no public benefit.”

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