WASHINGTON (Jan. 21, 2021)—President Joe Biden promoted Commissioner Richard Glick to chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission today.

The following quote is from Devin Hartman, the director of Energy and Environmental Policy, at the R Street Institute:

“We are encouraged to hear that President Biden has tapped Commissioner Glick to lead its new agenda. Harmonizing the state-FERC nexus and transmission policy reform may be his defining themes.”

“Commissioner Glick has already demonstrated a proclivity to reduce regulatory burdens to new entrants and technologies. We hope he continues this for electricity market design and extends it to transmission policy and RTO governance.”

“We look forward to helping Commissioner Glick challenge orthodoxy—like injecting economics into reliability policy—as well as incumbents who benefit from the regulatory status quo. With his leadership, FERC can demonstrate how pro-market reforms can usher in an era of private investment that unleashes innovation and benefits consumers and the environment.”

Image credit: Mark Van Scyoc

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