AUSTIN, Tex. (May 13, 2015) – The R Street Institute praised the Texas Legislature for passing S.B, 1626, a bill to strengthen homeowners’ rights to choose how to power their homes.

The legislation eliminates the power of a developer of more than 51 units to prevent homeowners from installing solar panels while an area is still in a “development phase,” which can last many years.

“Homeownership comes with certain rights and developers shouldn’t be able to impose restrictions long after a property is sold,” R Street Texas Director Josiah Neeley said.

“They say your home is your castle. While you may not be able to surround it with a moat filled by laser-wielding sharks, being able to put solar panels on your roof is a good second best option,” he added.

Neeley warned that the fight for property holders’ rights is far from over.

“While this bill is a step in the right direction toward protecting property rights, we’d like to see the restriction lifted on developments of all sizes, not just large-scale developments,” he said.

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