From Saint Petersblog:

It’s not often you see the word “liberalize” coming from a conservative/libertarian advocacy group, but in the debate over Florida’s “Growler bill,” almost anything is possible.

“R Street welcomes bill to liberalize Florida liquor laws” is the headline of a press release from the Washington D.C.-based think tank.

R Street Institute was praising the passage of HB 107, known as the “Growler Bill,” through the Florida House Business and Professions Subcommittee.

The bill, at least in part, seeks to repeal state’s “separation law” requiring spirits to be sold only in independent liquor stores and locations separate from where groceries, beer and wine are retailed.

If passed, R Street — whose slogan is “Free Markets. Real Solutions” — says retailers that currently sell beer and wine can now enter the market for spirits and hard liquor. This includes supermarkets, convenience stores and big box stores with strong consumer protections in place that prevent minors from accessing alcohol.

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