WASHINGTON (Nov. 29) – Across the United States, broadband access has become an integral part of American life. Still, many Americans have yet to gain access to high-speed broadband service and users’ needs will continue to evolve as new technologies and services become available.

In a new policy report, R Street’s Joe Kane, Jeffrey Westling, and Tom Struble evaluate all 50 states on 44 criteria governing different aspects of deployment. Each state was assigned a final grade based on how conducive their legal frameworks are to broadband deployment.

The report argues that while Congress has considered ways to streamline deployment, states should take initiative to ensure that their laws promote broadband access for their citizens. Lowering barriers to infrastructure deployment is essential to creating modern communications networks that can maximize Americans’ access in an interconnected world.

The authors add, “[T]he best way to promote broadband deployment, faster speeds and increased competition is to ensure that state and local approval processes are streamlined and efficient.”

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