Washington (May 17) – The R Street Institute is deeply disappointed by the House Rules Committee’s decision to block key reform amendments from being considered to H.R. 2, or the House Farm Bill.

“When it comes to addressing corporate welfare and reining in our farm-support programs, H.R. 2 is a major step backward,” R Street Policy Analyst Caroline Kitchens said. “To make matters worse, several proposed amendments that would have moved the bill’s crop insurance and commodity titles in a more free-market direction have been ruled out of order by the Rules Committee. These are commonsense reform ideas that have long seen bipartisan support, and at least two have passed on the House floor in previous Farm Bill cycles before being stripped from the bill in conference. It is unacceptable to block crucial reform ideas from being debated and considered by all members of Congress.”

Kitchens added that with Farm Bill reauthorization only coming around once every five years, Congress needs to allow robust debate around all titles of the bill and ensure that all Members—not just those on Agriculture and Rules committees—have a chance to be heard. Conservative House Members should reject the product of this deeply disappointing process and start over.

Kitchens is available for further comment by contacting Ann Phelan at [email protected] or calling (202) 900-9721.


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