In this extra-lively episode of the Holistic Housing Show, the NACCED team is joined by Jon Coppage, Senior Fellow at the R St. Institute in Washington, DC. Jon’s work as a researcher and speaker takes him across the country to study what makes for healthy communities, whether that’s in the availability of accessory dwelling units, a neighborhood’s walkability, or multi-generational living. Plus, learn why Jon’s hometown, Winston-Salem, really isn’t trying to kill you with its two main exports (donuts and tobacco), and how Jon may be a “Simple Man” (according to his theme song) but according to her Chinese zodiac, Laura is just “simple-minded.” The NACCED team also tries to stump Jon with a game of “Trump Quotes: Real or Fake?” Also discussed: why it’s generally good advice to avoid “ecstatic love traps,” no matter your Chinese zodiac sign.

Listen to the episode here.

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