From The Center Square:

But term limits would create a “revolving door” from lobbying to Congress, testified Casey Burgat, senior governance fellow at the R Street Institute.

“Many lawmakers forced out of the chamber will want to cash in on their experience and connections instead of letting them go to waste,” Burgat said. “Wouldn’t it be a better return on the public’s investment to allow that earned experience to stay in Congress, where the people have a say in reelection, rather than let it be used to peddle special interests with much less accountability?”

Enacting term limits also would takesaway power from the voters, Burgat testified.

“Neither Congress’ job performance nor the public’s dissatisfaction with its work will be improved by automatically forcing out duly elected, experienced members,” Burgat said. “In fact, the effects of term limits are more likely to harm the institution than help it.”

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