WASHINGTON (July 11, 2014) – The second week of the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) and R Street Institute’s 20-state tour to announce poll results relating to the Marketplace Fairness Act’s (MFA’s) brand of Internet sales tax scheme wrapped up today at the State House in Virginia – having previously visited South Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

In these six states, polling results have shown that the MFA, which “would allow tax enforcement agents from one state to collect taxes from online retailers based in a different state,” is a toxic issue for voters, with respondents rejecting such legislation by margins as high as 26 points.

Even in blue states like Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin, voters have overwhelmingly indicated their belief that the Internet should remain as free from regulation and taxation as possible. Additionally, Independent voters have polled as strongly against a federal Internet sales tax law, including by a 25-point margin in the Keystone State.

“Taxes of any kind will rarely be popular in opinion polls, but our survey shows citizens want an Internet that prospers without excessive government interference,” said Pete Sepp, NTU executive vice president. “If a candidate had polling numbers like this Internet tax collection scheme, I suspect the political consultants would take notice and seek a different path.”

“We’ve seen a universal response from residents of these states that they believe the Internet should exist to enrich their lives, not the treasuries of other states,” said Andrew Moylan, executive director and Senior Fellow of the R Street Institute. “Voters have strong misgivings about proposals pending before Congress, and are equally strong in their support for an Internet free from oppressive taxation and regulation. Lawmakers should pay attention to what their constituencies are saying loud and clear.”

The tour continues in the following weeks with visits to another 14 states. All polling results and detailed information can be found atwww.rstreet.org/donttax or www.ntu.org.

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