From Federal News Radio:

In an interview with Federal News Radio last Friday, Kevin Kosar, a senior fellow and the governance project director at the R Street Institute, said the task force will likely propose ways to cut USPS.

“I would certainly expect that the recommendations would have ideas about how the Postal Service can cut costs. I don’t think the presidential task force is going to come back and say, ‘Postal Service demand is going to keep growing and revenues are going to keep growing, so everything’s going to be alright,’” Kosar said.

In addition to potentially reducing the number of days of delivery, Kosar said another likely source of cuts would be reform to the postal employees’ collective bargaining rights.

“The Postal Service’s overhead right now, 80 percent of that is labor. If 80 percent is labor, 20 percent is everything else — that means the Postal Service buildings, trucks, all the fuel they buy, all the contracts they do for other services — that’s the remaining 20 percent. So you see where the obvious place that the task force might look,” Kosar said.

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